I am not a Dancing with the Stars nut but I did get a chance to see Wendy Williams' feet and I must say they do not look good. With bunions, blisters, and swelling I am not sure how she managed to put her feet in stilettos and put on a show. That in itself is talent. Still, she was voted off and her dancing did not make the cut.

I have not done any professional dancing but I can respect the intense work it does on your entire body and on your feet. Spinning, stepping, dipping, swaying all push your body to use it in ways you are not used to and it also puts increased stress and strain on your feet. It is no secret that podiatrist do not promote heel wearing. Surely we would not promote heel wearing while spinning, stepping, dipping, and swaying across a glossy dance floor right? Well entertainment is entertainment. No one is going to line up to see a beautiful ballroom dance with sweeping elegant gown and well supportingive athletic shoes. Seriously !!!!

I've worked with ballerinas and other professional dancers and it is just devastating what happens to a professional dancer's feet. What they end is unbelievable. There are things to keep your feet healthy if you are a dancer or are pursuing to take up dancing as a new hobby. First, you have to know your feet. Are you prone to ankle sprains? Do you have a flat foot or a foot with a high arch? There are general precautions and taping techniques to prevent you from injuries depending on your foot type.

Second, know your shoes. Not all heels are created equal. Most importantly, flip them over and take a look at the bottom. Dance floors are made very slowly to help the dancer glide along the floor. Paired with the wrong shoe, the dancer may be gliding across the floor on their bum. Lastly, know when to stop. Your feet are a part of your body. You can push them too hard and do too much damage. They hurt for a reason! Your body is trying to tell you something.

When you are a non-dancer who goes to dancing 7 days week like Wendy Williams, there is no way you will make it without blisters, bleeding, and stiffness. The biggest mistake is going to long too soon. Dancing is like running. You have to take baby steps and work yourself up to the long hours and the advanced moves. Blisters go away with time, but some injuries will change how your foot functions.