A plantar fasciitis night splint is a device used to maintain the ankle in a neutral position as the patient is sleep. Neutral position means that the ankle is kept in a position as if the patient is standing straight with his or her legs parallel to the ground. This can be advantageous since it contains the tension on the Achilles tendon which stretches the plantar fascia in return.

The use of the recovery device boosts the efficacy of the usual stretching by preventing the tissue from staying in a shortened situation while you are sleeping. If the feet rest in the pointed position of the toes without support, along with all the tension separated from the plantar fascia, it will result in more shortening of the muscle and more tension.

There are certain types of splints that work in various ways. For instance, an adjustable splint can be employed in order to make changes as the need arises such as increasing or decreasing the pressure or tension. Another is a night splint focused on comfort. This type of splint is padded so as to provide as much comfort as possible to the user. Since a full night of comfortable sleep is so important, this splint is designed with no buckles. Although they are not adjustable, they keep the ankle in a 90-degree angle with a gentle tension. Many night splints increases stretch ability with diagonal velcro straps and have a comfortable lining. Other models with an external closure clip and plastic shell makes it less comfortable compared to another splints, although such a heavy duty splint may be able to provide extra relief.

In order to help you find the best night splint for plantar fasciitis, here are some simple factors that you should consider before buying. The first is comfort. Remember that you have to be able to sleep comfortably with a night splint on. For you to achieve this, look for a sleeping splint that has deep padding to cover the whole splint and well-padded straps for a gentler tension. Another important factor is the adjustability. There are splints that have rigid frames in order to steadily hold the ankle in a neutral position. However, the best plantar fasciitis night splint is made of flexible plastic and has straps that can be adjusted in order to either increase or decrease the pressure. This type of splint is best for recovery and may be worn in the daytime as well. Bear in mind that whichever type of splint you choose, it is best to ask advice from your doctor in order to prevent further injuries and to recover as quickly as possible.