The best treatments for athletes foot are those that create an environment that fungal infection hate. The reason behind this is that it will stop the fungus from thriving and multiplying (the main reason you will find the condition spreading from within between your toes to the whole bottom of your foot). Fungus loves areas that are dark, moist, warm and unclean. If you can counter this environment then you will be able to stop the fungal infection from multiplying and you will be able to start getting rid of it! So let's get started with the treatments for athletes foot …


You will find that your feet will naturally sweat causing a moist environment which can be made even worse with the addition of rain, swimming, showering. Whatever you do if you have moist feet your feet are a hotspot for fungus so make sure that you throughly dry your feet if possible, if not then do it as soon as possible!


Another environment you want to avoid is the warm environment. This can be a hard environment to change since your feet need to be in shoes but there are small things you can do. For example switching to breathable shoes (the ones that have mesh on) allows your feet to stay cool and dry as well! Another thing you can do when it is summer is to go for wearing sandals as that too will keep your feet cool but make sure that you keep your feet clean!


If your feet are unclean then you are creating an even worse environment for the condition. Most treatments for athletes foot includes keeping your feet clean! You can do this by thoroughly washing and drying your feet multiple times a day to reduce the chances of the fungus multiplying!


There is only so much changing the environment can do if you already have the infection. Treatments you want to look at will come under two sections; self-care and over the counter prescription. Over the counter medication comes in the forms of powders, creams and lotions which can be used to destroy the fungus and prevent your foot from sweating and keeping it fresh.

Self-care medication can be used just the same way and is mostly preferred as it is natural (soaking your feet with vinegar will eliminate the fungus just like some over the counter medication may do) and you can not have any side-effects or allergic reactions from those treatments for athletes foot.