Due to the excess pressure that is experienced through walking and daily activities, it is not a surprise how corns begin to grow on one's feet. With corn on the feet, a person can instantly feel the discomfort it causes and in worse cases, pain would often make simple tasks like putting on sneakers or walking difficult to do. Using medications and medical procedures to treat corns may be quite expensive and troublesome which is why opting for natural remedies and treatment for corn would be a very convenient choice.

After a long day at work or in school, soaking one's feet in warm water will help soften the corns and relax the tensed muscles. Gently rubbing the corn with a pumice stone will help less the thickening skin on the feet and toes. It is also good to consume light and nutritious foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals because the body systems are well taken care of avoiding further worsening the corns. This technique would best be done in combination with one of these natural treatment for corns that can be prepared with the things that are made available in almost every home.

– Oatmeal is known as a very helpful remedy for solving skin problems and exfoliating the skin. In the same way, oatmeal boiled in water can be drained and applied on the corn. The oatmeal will provide a soothing effect to lessen the pain and at the same time, exfoliate the skin to soften the areas with corn to further heal it.

– Acidic substances also help cure the corn because it softens the skin and has an antiseptic capacity. A dipped cotton ball in vinegar can be rubbed on the affected area to soften the corns. For those who do not have the luxury of time, placing lemon slices or pineapple peel on the corn at night to allow the light acidity to work by being left on overnight. When it is wrapped in bandage, this would not only help relax the foot, this would also free the person of worrying about staining the sheets or misplacing the fruit bits.

– The juices of green figs or dandelion stems are found to cure corns on the feet. The juices of these can be extracted by boiling these in water. The juice from the stems of the dandelion can be used to soak the feet to sooth the pain, both of the feet and the corns. The milky juice that can be acquired can be applied on the corns to soften the skin and avoid its recurrence.