If you are an athlete or are involved in heavy physical activities all the time, one of the things you would normally suffer from is leg or ankle pain. The pain may be a result of conditions such as a strain calf muscle, tendonitis or shin splints. Whatever the reason, you can be sure that the injury can affect your life very especially when the condition is ignored. With the help of basic treatment, you will be able to ease or even get rid of the pain.

Total rest is perhaps the best way to treat any kind of bodily pain regardless of its cause. When you rest, you give the injured part of your body (in this case the leg or the ankles) the time to heal and recover. Along with rest, hot or cold compressions are also recommended. While the coldness of the ice prevails further swapping by reducing blood flow to the injured area, a warm compress right after can help ease the veins and muscles, promoting healing and fast recovery.

Taking anti-inflammatory drugs also work effectively to reduce pain and inflammation on the affected area. Common anti-inflammatory medications may include Naproxen, ibuprofen and the well-known aspirin. Using these kinds of medication along with proper rest and ice treatment is a recommended technique to treat leg and ankle injuries. Using topical cream to help alleviate the pain may also be an effective idea.

A more natural way of treating leg and ankle injuries is through stretching. Stretching exercises can help relax tensile joints and muscles. This is usually used when there is a desire to engage in physical activity again after the doctor has given approval. Simple exercises such as light walking or cycling are good examples of light exercises you can try when recovering from a leg or ankle injury.

The period set for recovery from leg or ankle injury usually depends on the degree of the severity of the pain. It can also depend on how you are improving in your treatment or therapy. That means, the more dedicated you are in improving your condition, the faster you are going to recover from the pain or injury.

You never know whether a pain in the leg or the ankle is simply pure pain due to a minor injury or a more serious one that requires further treatment. In case the pain you are experiencing extends to more than four days, you would need to consult your doctor and find out the underlying cause for such condition.