Choosing a Natural Alternative

Choosing the right type of treatment is a personal decision, which is based on the following considerations: The cost of the treatment and how practical it is in relation to your lifestyle.

There are currently various natural treatments which will help you to effectively treat this infection right in your home. You do not need to buy expensive anti fungal creams and medicines. You do not need to go to a skin specialist either!

What is Foot Fungus?

It is a common fungal disease seen in humans. It is also known as Athlete's foot. The signs of infection begin between the toes and gradually spread to other areas as it becomes more pervasive in nature. When the condition becomes chronic, the person who is suffering from it will develop blisters and cracks and this may cause a burning and itching sensation of the infected area.

Foot fungus is contagious in nature and spreads from an infected person to a healthy individual. The infection may spread when the healthy person comes in direct contact with the skin of an infected person, or it may be spread indirectly.

In the indirect mode, the healthy person may contract fungus in a gym, around a pool, or areas where it is wet or moist. Statistics show that around 70% of the population; have contracted Athlete's foot during their life span. However, those who are repeatedly infected with foot fungus may have their own health reasons, and the prominent one among them is a compromised immune system. It has also been suggested that persons who have recurrences of the infection suffer from a weak immune system.

Useful Precautions

Keep your Shoes Moisture Free – Moisture and dampness are one of the predominant external causes which lead to foot fungus in persons. Shoes are a common entry point for fungus to grow. Therefore, make sure that you keep your shoes dry. After removing the shoes you should let them air dry or you may even use a blow dryer to keep the shoes dry.

An Effective Natural Way of Treating The Infection.

One of the common and also easy natural treatments that you can start right away, involves soaking your feet in lukewarm water in a tub for about 10 minutes a day. Add 2 tablespoons of table salt to the lukewarm water as the table salt attacks the bacteria which is usually found in between the toes and under the toe nails. You can continue until the condition of your feet become better. In fact, you may also continue this activity as a preventative measure. It gives a soothing and relaxing effect to body.

If you have foot fungus, then going for a natural treatment is the safest means of ridding of the problem. And if you are serious about preventing repeat attacks, it is very important that you resort to routine precautions and make healthy choices such as wearing shower shoes in the gym and around public pools.