Synthetic nails are certainly here to stay and it is without a doubt a difficult task to find a woman that does not wear them in this day and age. This all boils down to the fact that they use the artificial nails to cover their natural finger and toenails in order to make them more attractive.

Nonetheless, women of all ages are also known to make use of artificial nails to cover up nail fungus infection sequentially ending in the termed phrase “artificial nail fungus”. Regrettably, this does not heal nor resolve the actual problem rather, this makes the situation even worse.

The simple explanation for this is, nail fungus thrives inside a favourable atmosphere in which usually there is a great deal of dampness and that is dark. This is typical for many types of fungi.

There are toenail fungus home remedies that can really simplify the treatment of nail fungus. Any time a person applies artificial nails to any infected fingernail or toenails, this produces a good environment that is excellent for the growth of the fungus, which is equally dark and also provides the necessary moisture.

Considering that these types of fungus develop solely in places which tend to lack air and on hands or feet which tend to be damp and warm, the synthetic nail prevails any simple circulation of air all around any nail. Fungal nail bacterial infections tend to be much more typical with the toenails rather than the fingernails.

Using the toenail fungus home remedies will help get rid of those unsightly, yellow and rather painful infected nails. Neverheless, one thing must be clarified here! Any false nail that is placed over the natural nail will help an event fungus to thrive and spread.

Most of the time, one of the main reasons for women to start wearing artificial nails is because they already have a fungal infection and wish to hide the unsightly infected yellow nails, especially if it is their finger nails they wish to cover up.

It must be said that this practice offers no solution to the problem and just pours more petrol on the already blazing fire, so to speak. This is simply because the natural nails are deteriorating under the artificial ones in a perfect environment for the fungus, created by ones self.

If this “Cover-Up” process carries on the natural nails will become so infected that it is not even possible to attach any synthetic nails again. The problem must be resolved at the root and the toenail fungus home remedies can only be of great advantage while the nails are exposed to fresh air.