Tightrope Bunion Surgery mainly differs from other kinds of bunion surgeries because of its use of a special non-absorbable fiber wire that is attached through the first and second metatarsal bones (big toe and second toe) to realign the big toe and maintain its proximate close to the second toe. Since bunions are generally described as the outward turning of the first metatarsal away from the rest of the toes, tightrope bunion surgery aims to correct this problem by pulling the big toe towards the second toe, reducing the appearance of protrusion on the medial side of the big toe.

This surgical procedure is new and is still subjected to many experiments and research. Although many surgeons are now engaging in the use of this new technique, this is not a guarantee that all outcomes are great.

Tightrope Bunion Surgery Pros

Tightrope bunion surgery is specifically enticing because of its promise to lessen the healing process needed to complete recovery after surgery. Since this type of surgery does not include cutting or removing of bones, your recovering period may not take as long as the patients who had osteotomy. Also, tightrope provides certain possibilities that are most enticing and convenient for the patients. In addition to having speedier recovery time, this surgery also omits the need for a no-weight-bearing policy which is usually imposed 6-8 weeks after surgery. Patients can now enjoy weight-bearing (minimal on the first week then progresses afterward) and wearing of normal shoes to as early as 3 months post op. With Tightrope, most patients will not be needing crutches or walkers unlike other surgeries.


Tightrope is contraindicated to patients who have arthritis, osteomalacia and other bone degenerative conditions that mainly affect bone density and calciumification. The second bone-where the big toe is attached-may take all the pressure and strain from the burden of pulling the larger toe towards it and maintain alignment. This causes the second toe to weaken. Range of motion for the big toe may also be limited because of its attachment to the second toe.

Many doctors will tell you that tightrope bunion surgery is great if it's done correctly. As a patient, the decision of choosing the best surgeon and facilities all relate to your hand so make sure to choose wisely. This is the reason why adequate research must be done before going into this surgery. If you can afford the best surgeons, you may want to employ them.