Foot pain is not something any of us look forward to with happy anticipation. A day amidst the grips of foot pain can be simply unbearable. Shoes that are too tight, injuries, and disease are all possible causes of foot pain. Some of these can be remedied easily, while others may require a visit to your doctor. Here's a brief look at some of the more common causes of foot pain.

Footwear – Poorly-fit footwear is often the cause of foot pain. Shoes that are too tight, or too loose, can cause the muscles and bones of the foot to bend and adjust in ways for which they were not designed. Too little space in the toe box can cause toes to cramp and bend which creates further problems through the rest of the foot.

Shoes that are too tight across the top, whether too small or simply tied too tightly, can bring pain to the upper foot that, over the long-term, may result in far more than simple discomfort. High heels, also, are a major contributor to foot pain, as is well-known to most wearers of fashion footwear. Heels force you to carry all of your body's weight on the balls of your feet, which then forces toes forward to the pointed, foot-unfriendly, front of the shoe.

Microtrauma Injuries – Running, jogging, or other exercises involving repetitive impact with surfaces that are too hard, soft, or otherwise uneven, can cause microtrauma injuries to the foot. Microtrauma injuries are those caused by repetition, like jogging on concrete, as opposed to macrotraumas that are borne on by a single heavy blow or impact. Poorly-fitting footwear is another culprit for microtrauma injuries.

Disease – Foot pain can also be taken about by disease.

For example:

• Gout – Gout is a condition bought on by the overconsumption of rich foods. In the past, gout was considered to be a rich man's disease; but, these days, it has no income associations and may be suffered by almost anyone for what a poor diet is the norm. Gout is characterized by a buildup of uric acid in the bloodstream, which, in turn, causes crystals to form in the blood. These crystals then go on to accumulate in the joints of the foot and ankle causing significant pain and swelling.

• Diabetes – Diabetes is another disease that can bring foot pain and discomfort. Diabetics are often afflicted with corn, blister, sores, and other wounds. These are, in diabetics, usually the result of nerve damage brought on by the disease.

Pregnancy – Pregnancy, also, can be a major contributor to foot pain. As the body grows outwards and balance is upset, a woman is forced to carry the increasing weight in ways that are far from beneficial to the feet. Changes in stance and gait all force the body, then the feet, to make adjustments that are extremely harmful. Additionally, fluid buildup in the feet can also bring significant pain and discomfort.

One Final Note

If you suspect disease to be the culprit, the best course of action when suffering from foot pain is to see your doctor. An accurate diagnosis may be beneficial in more ways than one. If diabetes is behind those painful walks in the park, visiting your doctor might just save your life!