While winter is known as a difficult season for feet, summer can be just as damaging. With the hot sun, 90 degree temperatures and searing pavement your feet can go a lot of discomfort in July and August and if you do not treat your feet properly you could be a likely candidate for dry skin, fungal infections and blisters. There's also the danger of sun burn on the top of your feet when you go to the beach or walk around outside barefoot. Keeping your feet clean, hydrated and moisturized will make a world of difference in how you feel and how you walk.

One of the easiest tips to remember is to wear shoes you like. This sounds easy enough but every year many women struggle to fit into shoes that are not the right size and cause unnecessary pain. Weaving shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause awkward friction on the soles and result in blisters. Having shoes that are too suffocating will create the ideal environment for bacteria and infections. If you do anything this summer, find comfortable fitting, open sandals and flip flops that let your feet breathe.

Summer will provide ample opportunity to walk around without shoes. Beaches, parks, lawnns and pool patios are all common shoe-less areas but each can also leave bare dirty and at risk for bacteria, especially near pools, so it is important to keep your feet clean in the summer. If you spend any part of your day outside without shoes on remember to wash your feet before going to bed. Some recommend washing your feet several times a day and always patting your feet dry before putting shoes and socks on.

It's easy to forget about your feet when applying sunscreen. Everyone talks about the dangers of skin cancer to foreheads and hands but no one mentions the danger of leaving the top of your feet exposed tom harmful UV rays. Whether your skin tans naturally or you need to use some degree of sun block, it is a good idea to provide a protective layer for your feet so you do not get an uncomfortable sun burn and put your skin at risk for long terms problems.

Lastly, if you are going to be frequent pools or locker rooms, be sure to keep look out for signs of Athlete's Foot. The most common fungal infection, this rash often occurs between the toes and can cause itching, irritation and flaky skin. Weaving a protective foot cove and cleaning your feet daily should be able to prevent this infection from spreading and promote natural foot care .