Cold feet symptoms can occur in people of all ages for different and unrelated reasons. They are most frequently caused by exposure to cold weather. However, sometimes some people complain of cold feet symptoms, even on warmer weather, which can be a very unpleasant feeling for the person.

Cold feet symptoms can happen not only to the people who are often exposed to cold environments, but even for those at home. The symptoms might be temporary or permanent. It is important to understand that wintry feet is not a disease, rather, a symptom of some kind of a medical condition.

As the reasons for wintry feet could differ from person to person, the exact cause of the problem can be found out only after making a proper diagnosis.

Icy feet complaint can be confusing, even for doctors. The first thing for them is to identify what is causing cold feet symptoms before trying to treat it. This is because different underlying medical conditions that you may not know about such as poor circulation, nerve damage, anemia or vitamin deficiencies can be causing this problem.

Consult your doctor immediately if suspect that the causes of wintry feet are not only a result of cold weather because the sooner the undering cause is detected, the better the chances of effective treatment. Based on the cause, your doctor will then suggest a treatment plan that will work best for you. If wintry feet are due to an underlying medical issue the treatment should be focused directly on the undering cause. By solving the problem that caused the icy feet, you can get rid of cold feather symptoms.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with icy feet symptoms is to determine the real cause. If there is no underlying medical issue causing icy feet, just a few lifestyle adjustments can prevent getting icy feet.

What can be done to stop getting cold feet symptoms?

Surprisingly, the preventive measures for cold feet are a lot simpler than one might think. The focus should be on reducing or eliminating the circumstances that lead to icy feet. The prevention of icy feet depends on the cause. If icy feet is caused by cold weather, the problem may be alleviated by just wearing warmer socks and shoes. If the problem is vitamin deficiencies in your diet, eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients will help to prevent wintry feet.

When the problem remains persistent and the exact cause can not be determined, you should not ignore the problem. It is best to seek help from doctor.