More often than not, we neglect our feet until the time that we experience pain, discomfort and even reduced mobility. There are many problems that may negatively affect our feet, which include fungal infections, cracked skin, foot odor, corns, fallen arteries, and damaged bones, among others. It is a must to deal with these issues since they worsen with age. With a simple daily routine care, we can keep our feet looking and feeling healthy. Some of the ways to care for our feet are as follows:

• Wear socks.

When wearing closed shoes, it is helpful to wear socks for comfort. Our heel has a layer of fat that absorbs a majority of the impactrought about by walking and running. While shoe inserts may help, socks can cushion this. Comfortable socks are all the more important as we grow older because this shock absorbing layer of fat becomes thinner.

Also, socks protect the feet from the shoe to prevent blisters, corn, or calluses. In addition to this, socks that are made from natural fibers like wool or cotton absorb sweat. There are socks made from special wicking materials, which are designed to wick away the moisture from the skin.

• Wash feet.

Washing our feet is very essential for our feet of health. This is often taken for granted as we take a shower. Sweat and dirt get trapped in between witnesses every time we go in and out of the house. To make sure that these areas do not become a breeding ground for bacteria that may cause foot odor; we should soap and rinse these areas thoroughly. It is just as important to dry the feet completely to prevent moisture from getting trapped inside. Foot powder can help in keeping the feet dry all the time.

• Moisturize feet.

Health experts always stress the importance of moisturizing the skin and this is especially true when it comes to our feet. This is because they go through a lot of wear and tear that can result in dry and cracked skin. This can even become worse in warm and humid countries. When a skin moisturizer is applied overnight, your feet will have an extra soft and smooth skin in the morning.

• Wear properly fit shoes.

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can lead to a lot of foot problems. If they are tight, they can cause pain, ingrown toenails, and swollen toes. On the other hand, with bigger shoes, heels can not stay in place while walking. This may cause blisters, calluses, and sore heels.

Shoes should also be made of natural materials to allow the feet to breathe. Leather and cotton are ideal in allowing our feet to feel cool and comfortable. It is important to keep in mind that shoes with high heels can be damaging to the bones so it should only be worn occasionally.

• Exercise your feet.

Walking is the best exercise for the feet. This makes them stronger and more flexible. For those who easily get swollen feet, an arch support can offer help.

Ways to Care for Feet of Individuals with Strong Foot Odor

Feet with strong odor can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. This is a condition known as bromhidrosis, which is caused by bacteria that thrives on the sweat glands of our feet. Although this may not pose a risk to our health, it is important to eliminate the problem.

• Practice proper foot hygiene.

It is not enough to wash our feet and dry it thoroughly between dishes; it can help to use a foot powder deodorant to keep it dry, fresh, and smelling clean.

• Use a different pair of shoes.

We should avoid using the same shoes every day to allow them to dry completely. Bacteria easily grow and multiply in shoes that are slightly damp.

• Wash socks after every use.

We should make it a habit to use new, clean socks and wash the ones we just wore.

• Use a foot deodorant.

A foot deodorant, whether in powder or stick form, can keep your feet dry and fresh smelling.

• Make your own natural home remedy.

Prepare a 1: 1 mixture of alcohol and vinegar. Apply this with a medicine dropper to the area between toes. While vinegar gets rid of fungus, the alcohol kills the bacteria.

These tips should help you control most foot odor.