Are you suffering from painful feet? Are your shoes the problem or could it be your feet? Designers pay particular attention to the aesthetics of the shoes, but rarely look at whether they are providing the required protection and the support your feet need. Are your shoes the problem or your feet? You may suffer from a foot condition and do not even know about it.

Some people suffer with their feet simply because their shoes do not fit correctly; they have narrow feet causing the foot to move and rub on the inside of the shoes, causing blisters on the heel or the top of the foot. This can also cause bone spurs which occur because your foot is repeatedly rubbing against the lining.

Other people suffer because their feet are too wide for standard shoes. Squeezing wide feet into standard shoes can cause bone deformities including hammer toes and bone spurs. Other problems are corns, skin ulcers and bunions. These are very painful and surgery is the only option to cure them. It is possible for women's feet to change during pregnancy due to hormones released into the body. It affects the ligaments in your feet causing your foot to get wider and longer. Sadly this change is permanent.

There are some shoes out there that are designed to look good and that's it and I think we all know which ones! Wearing these types of shoes excessively can cause many problems. It is possible that the toe section is too narrow causing skin irritations. There could also be stitching present on the inside of your shoes which can rub the side or top of your toes, also causing irritation. If the shoe has an acute angle, this could put pressure on the ball of your foot and also affect your arch resulting in extreme foot pain.

When purchasing shoes, remember your feet will naturally expand throughout the day so you should go shoe shopping as late in the day as possible. If this is not possible then allow a little wiggle room for your toes. Ensure your toes are not cramped and there is no redness. If there is, then your feet could develop corns, blisters and many other foot problems. Meaning those shoes are not right for you. To salvage your favorite pair of shoes, a shoe repair shop is an option as they will be able to stretch and soften the leather of your shoes a little.

If your heel slips out of the back of your shoes, then your shoe is too large for your feet. However, there is an answer, a good quality over the counter arch support insole can prevent this and support your foot. Preventing many of the problems associated with poorly fitting shoes. Depending on how much your heel slips out, standard insoles can help by filling the gap or using heel grips is also an option.

Pampering your feet with a massage can help revitalize them. Moisturizing them will also help hydrate the skin, keeping it soft and supple. Remember to look after your feet. I hope you found this article informative and helpful.