It is hard to sympathize with someone who has a corn on their foot or toe if you have not been there yourself. For someone that has not had a corn, Congratulations! But imagine if you can; you are walking in the dark and you step on one of your children's Lego pieces. The pain you feel one time is the equivalent to the pain a person afflicted with a corn feet every step they take. That is why toe corn removal is so important to those who have them. Until they can return to their quality of life the treatment and relief consumes their being until they find relief.

There are so many gurus on line offering self help and self treatment using things you may very well have in your home right now. Some suggest you take a lemon slice and place it over the corn overnight and in the morning you wash the area and the corn will be gone. Another suggests you make a paste out of chalk powder and water, applying it to the hard surface of the corn will soften it and removal will be within days. My personal favorite is the mixing of a few ivy leaves soaked in a bowl of vinegar overnight. In the morning remove the leaves and soak a piece of bread in the mixture and then put the bread on your corn for the entire day. Imagine walking with bread wrapped around your foot!

I suppose the natural methods could work, however there might be a trial and error period before you find the right solution. Another method to get corns removed is to go to your doctor for a prescription. You physician may opt to freeze off the corn, depending on the severity of the situation. A doctor prescribed script will be for a product similar to the available over-the-counter corn treatments available at your local pharmacy, however they will be much stronger. Having said that, those with sensitive feet and skin should avoid using these intestinal medications that use acid to break down the problem area. If the acid gets on healthy skin it can burn away, causing pain, irritation and killing healthy skin cells.

The most neutral option is to go with an over the counter treatment. You will be able to purchase these at your local pharmacy and they are very effective. Additional treatment should include keeping your feet clean and comfortable. Also, soaking your feet it water, and using a pumice stone to slowly remove the dead, hardened skin cells will help the healing process.