With a decrease of the environmental temperature, the circulation of blood to the body begins to decrease quickly, which can lead to poor circulation in feet. The cold can affect some people, especially those who suffer from cold feet. Because of the sensitivity to cold temperatures extemities like hands and feet are usually one of the first indicator that always shows signs of poor circulation.

Poor circulation in feet is a condition in which the blood can not circulate normally, it means that the blood supplied to the extremities like hands and feet is not sufficient, and therefore the temperature of the feet will be low as compared to the other parts of the body.

The blood circulation system is the main route through which all body cells get needed amounts of oxygen, nutrients and warmth. When the circulation of blood is less than optimal, your feet sufferers. In order to have a warm feet, you need to have good circulation. Good circulation is important, because it ensures sufficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all the parts of the body that need it. This is why it is very important to take some care of your health and not to neglect poor circulation in feet. Paying attention to any risk factors and taking steps to improve circulation.

How poor circulation in feet can be improved?

Fortunately, if you do suffer from bad circulation in feet, you can improve it. One important factor in preventing poor circulation in feet is to become more active. Activities such as walking, stretching or running, in particular, are a wonderful way of restoring and maintaining proper blood circulation in the feet.

Another great solution for stimulating, improving circulation and alleviate the problem of persistently cold feet is to start massaging the feet using foot massagers. Combined with a balanced diet and regular exercises, massage foot therapy is a wonderful way to improve bad circulation in feet.

The foot massage dilates the blood capillaries of the feet. This enables more blood to flood to the muscles and tissues, delivering needed amounts of nutrients and oxygen to cells in the feet area. Foot massagers are excellent solution for improving local blood circulation and keeping feet warm.

Poor circulation is a very common cause of cold feet. However, bad circulation is not the only culprit for cold feet. Chronic poor circulation in feet should be treated well in time. If left untreated, it can lead to serious complications.