Self-Diagnosis and Toenail Fungus Symptoms

It is often a bad idea to delay a visit to a doctor when you are experiencing irregularities in your body. You might thing that they will just go away in a matter of time. That is false. Self-diagnosis of irregularities like toenail fungus symptoms will lead you to disaster.

The main reason why people settle on self-diagnosis is thinking that everything will be OK the next day, just to find out that it did not. With more access to information through the internet, it is easier to find some articles that might sound helpful. But the truth is doctors still know what is best.

According to psychologists, below are the dangers of self-diagnosis:

  • You may diagnose a different disease from another. You may develop a panic disorder especially if according to what you have read; there is no cure about your self-diagnosed disease.
  • Once you finally see a doctor, you will have a hard time trusting him. You may feel that the doctor is not giving you as much information as what you have researched. And worse, you might think that the doctor is lying. This will not help building relationship.
  • You will miss important things that you can not see. When you just trust yourself, you will miss out a lot of help that your doctor can give you.
  • In case of toenail fungus, it is definitely needed to seek a doctor's advice. Millions of people around the globe are suffering from it because the treatment that they are using was determined by themselves and not a medical expert. You have to make sure that you get an effective treatment for nail fungus.
  • Self-diagnosis also affects your psychological health. You have a high tension of thinking that your condition is worse than what actually it is. This will make your life miserable every day.

To avoid the negative effects of self-diagnosis, see a doctor immediately once you feel that there is something wrong with your body. Do not wait for your annual check-up. Just like nail fungus infection, you have to get the most applicable toenail fungus treatment as soon as possible. This will save you from the worse complications.

You must also discuss with the doctor your past medical conditions. The doctor you will be seeing is a podiatrist, one who specializes in feet-related problems, he does not know your medical record. He will be able to help you be clarified about your options among different toenail fungus treatments.

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Responding Positively to Toenail Fungus Symptoms

It is normal for someone to react or respond in something that involves a matter connected to him, despite how small it is. In fact, it is the negligence of small things that give rise to bigger problems in the advancing future. Truly, small is terrible. For instance, fungal infection may start anytime and unnoticed, but when they are neglected, expect that they will cost you lots. It is important that one becomes mindful and be urgent in responding to the toenail fungus symptoms he may begin to observe, most especially to those which will affect even the important daily activities (ie taking a bath) when disregarded.

The symptoms of fungal infection are very visible. Thus, one should respond positively to it without further ado. If it happens that one notices that he is having discolored toenails, then there is a potential that you are already affected. Some look at it as if it is just simply dirt that does not go off despite how hard you scrub it. However, by the time that it becomes severe, you will immediately notice that the harder you scrub, the gruesome the pain becomes. That is why you should immediately seek the attention of an expert who can deal with the infection.

Another would be when your toenails are becoming thicker than before. Basically, thick toenails are usually connoted (despite having no legitimate proof) with aging. It is for this reason that this symptom is being disregarded. When they are thickening, always remember that you should never try doing something reckless, especially when thickening looks abnormal. Try to compare the thickening with the people of your age. The thicker your toenails are in comparison to their, the higher the chance that you are already suffering from fungal infection.

Worst scenarios include separation of the nail itself from the nail bed, discharge of fluid from the infected toenail, and any other symptoms such as awful odor or irritation. They can all be observed and can clearly notify you that you are definitely in need of a treatment.

In any case, the best thing to do is to avoid further infection by immediately availing of a toenail fungus treatment that suits not only your budget but also your needs. Remember that prevention is better than cure. So when the symptoms arise, always find ways to deal with the small things before they become more serious and costly.

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Inevitable Nail Fungus Causes

If someone has a rare disease, one may find it alarming if that person comes near you. You may feel like you will have that disease as soon as he sits beside you. You may pose prejudice against the other person. You can prevent this from happening by being aware of the origin of an infection just like nail fungus causes.

Most people who are infected with onychomycosis do not really know how it started. They were fully unaware of what could lead to a very tough nail condition that would deprive them of their normal lives. The following are just a few causes of toenail fungus:

  • Fungi spread at a very high rate and are active in moist, warm, and dark places. If your feet happen to be defined in these kind of places you will most likely get infected by fungi.
  • For onychomycosis, you will easily get it from gym shower rooms, swimming pools, and even your own pair of shoes.
  • You can also get infected through fungus spores. This can be transferred to you if you have even a tiny open wound, and a passer-by, who has onychomycosis shed some spores. The spore will get into the open wound and start spreading.
  • There is no test that has proved to trace nail fungus infection to hygiene. However, there is no harm if we keep our feet clean by washing it at least two times a day, the second before going to bed.

These causes seem to be inevitable since fungi are microscopic organisms and the places where they mostly thrive are very common. There are actually ways to prevent it from spreading. This is by knowing toenail fungus symptoms and applying appropriate treatment as soon as proven.

  • When suddenly you see your nails turning to dark toenails
  • When you see some yellow lines near the end of your nails
  • When you see that you nails are becoming crumbly
  • When you feel that there is an itchy feeling in the skin area around the deforming toenail

As soon as you see those symptoms, it is highly advised that you go and check with a podiatrist. Podiatrists are experts in all concerns regarding the feet. They are to confirm if you really are infected with the fungi. They can also assist you in determining the most appropriate toenail fungus treatment to make sure that you will have faster recovery. Be proactive in treating toenail fungus.

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Nail Tek Anti-Fungal Reviews: How Helpful Are They?

Shoppers find it easy to buy products online. The very reason is they can read see the things that they should expect from the product. They can also read and interact with those who already bought the product under customer ratings. Nail Tek Anti-fungal is one of those products which we can see online with comparative ratings from the customers themselves.

These are the points that consumers related about the product:

· It is highly effective to erase those yellow streaks on the nail

· It comes in a breakable bottle which makes it tricky to bring on road trips

· The amount is small at a high price but effective

If you check the lead online shopping websites, you can not find a lot of customers giving their feedback about the product. Some websites do not even have reviews about it. Thus, looking for Nail Tek Anti-fungal reviews from customer perspective is hard to find.

Below are the things that Nail Tek company, the manufacturer, describes their product:

· It is effective against fungus on the nails, both for the finger and toes

· It is clinically proven to be safe

· It is approved by medical experts

· It stops the redness due to irritation in the skin area of ​​the affected nail

· It is a topical solution and works from the inside to the outside

· It is an over-the-counter treatment and can be available at leading drugstores

· It is free from Toluene and DBP (Dibutyl phthalate)

· It follows the fungal infection from reoccurring

If we are suffering from toenail fungus for a long time, we may be familiar with the different promises of leading products. It is frustrating at times that we are sometimes misled and end up with a false hope on a particular product. This is the reason why we have to read more reviews.

Nail Tek is known to manufacture nail products that are more inclined to maintenance and beautification. If you check their website, you can not find a lot of information about what they are selling. In the website these are the basic things that you can find:

· Images of the products with a little description

· Price of the product

· Contact information

If you check for information on the toenail fungus treatment that they are selling, you will not find it much helpful. You are being left at the mercy of those who are conducting their own reviews about the product.

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Choosing Among Different Toenail Fungus Treatments

Once you have read a lot of information about different toenail fungus treatments, you may find it hard to choose which one is suitable for you. You can often see advertisements of different products when you read articles about onychomycosis online. How can you actually tell which one is the most effective?

First, you may wonder why a lot of people are still suffering from toenail fungus even with many products offered in the market. Are those products all hoaxes? There is actually a gap between information provided to a person, and the application that he is expected to do.

The following are based on a research conducted with regards to consumer behavior of nail fungus treatments:

· People respond to incentive . This is a principle in economics that is best used by manufacturers to lure the customers in buying their product. A person buys a nail fungus treatment not according to reviews, but mostly according to affordability.

· Is it toenail fungus for real? Onychomycosis has similar signs and symptoms with some skin diseases. If a person just diagnoses those signs himself, he will end up using an effective product to a wrong skin disease.

· Consistency is needed . Clinically-proven products underwent serious tests including the frequency of needed application for optimal results. When you are consistent in applying and following the directions correctly, you will see improvements as expected.

· Stick to one . Those who already large tired of reoccurring onychomycosis, have tendency to switch from one product to another. A certain treatment takes time to cure the infection. It has its own treating process that needs consistent application of the treatment.

So if ever you see your toes having white toenails, do not panic. Medical attention is still needed to validate if you really have onychomycosis. Validation means doing a test.

· A sample is taken by scrapping the upper layer of your infected nail. The sample will be seen under a microscope to confirm if it is really infected by fungus.

· DTM or Dermatophyte Test Medium can also be used. It is done by getting a skin or nail sample in the infected area for culture. Those samples will be under incubation of 14 days. The sample is expected to change its color and from there will be determined if it really is onychomycosis.

After you condition is confirmed to be onychomycosis, your doctor will discuss with you your options. If you want to know more about nail fungus causes, he can also discuss with you and things that you can do to avoid them.

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Toenail Fungus Diet and Your Health

There are a lot of treatments against Onychomycosis around. They offer you different promises. The most popular ones are those sold in the market. There are home remedies that are returned to by some, with toenail fungus diet as one of them.

Fungus can come in three main forms: yeast, mold, and dermatophytes. They normally feed on sugar. People think that if they deprive themselves from eating food with high-sugar content, they are also abandoning the fungus that infected their toes.

They associate the idea to toenail fungus diet. They avoid sweets, and processed foods, as they have a lot of sugar. Some believe that by doing this, the activity of toenail fungus is being lessened.

However, here are some tips about the proper diet that you must have when you have onychomycosis:

· Drink a lot of water. This keeps your body hydrated and helps your body release toxins out.

· Eat foods that are rich in protein. Your nails need constant nourishment. If you lack protein take, your nails will have a hard time to regenerate.

· Take some probiotics like yogurt. They are good for your immune system which is needed to heal any afflicted part of your body.

You might be interested that our body actually needs sugar to transform it into energy. Some people claim that the fungal activity in their toes has decreased through toenail fungus diet. It may be true, but is not it tiresome to become picky when it comes to food.

They spend a lot of time choosing ingredients when they are cooking. They might even spend more money just to prepare meals that are sugar-free. If you are really interested in engaging in a toenail fungus diet, better consult your dietician and your podiatrist. You might be harming yourself with lack of nourishment.

Some people, especially the older ones, can not sustain to have less sugar. For this reason, experts recommend them to use proven commercial treatments instead. Technology is improving, and more and more ways are found to combat this infection.

Below are the three most common types of treatments:

· Topical treatments. They are more commonly used for infection that is just starting. They are applied externally and may take 6 months or more to see the results.

· Orally-taken treatments. The second most expensive treatment. You have to have a regular check with your doctor, to see if your liver is still good as it may be harmed by this kind of medication. This is considered as most effective against nail fungus.

· Laser treatment. This is the most expensive treatment. One session starts at $ 800. This delivers fastest result.

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Pros and Cons of Different Toenail Fungus Treatments

To deal with toenail fungal infection, there are already lots of treatments offered in the market nowdays. These toenail fungus treatments do come in different forms. They could be herbal, orally-taken, ointment, topical treatment, or using of latest advanced technology — laser treatment. This article aims to provide an evaluation among the available choices.

Of course, it is also important to consider one's priority when choosing a treatment. One could be motivated by urgency or budget constraints, yet the primary goal would be to eventually heal the infection. Whatever the case may be, there is certainly an available treatment for you.

Below are the things that one should also consider:

· If the nail fungus is confirmed. There are other skin diseases that may appear like nail fungus. To make sure you apply the correct treatment, verify first with the podiatrist if it is really onychomycosis.

· Severity of the fungal infection

· Your present health condition. It is especially important if you are diabetic or pregnant. For pregnant women, it is advised to delay any plans of treatment as it may threaten the baby's health.

· The credibility of the nail fungus treatment. Given that onychomycosis is becoming a big industry, different companies are claiming that they have the ultimate product.

Sample situations in choosing a treatment

· One may wish to less the duration of suffering by immediately taking care of it. What he can do is to try how urgent a laser treatment would be. Though very expensive, it will certainly and instantly destroy any fungi in a very promising way.

· Laser treatment is also a good option for those who are diabetic with a nail fungus in severe condition. However, some say that there is a recurrence of the fungus even after 1-2 sessions of this treatment.

· For the early stage of onychomychosis, it is recommended to use topical treatments. They are externally applied and proven to prevent further spread of fungus.

· For those who want a proven nail fungus treatment for severe cases, oral treatment is recommended. However, this can be expensive as regular test of your liver's health is needed. This also means that it's a harmful treatment when monitoring is missed.

It is best to choose among different toenail fungus treatments as soon as you have confirmed that you have onychomycosis. In most cases, where the infection is not immediately attended, surgery becomes the only option. Discuss with your podiatrist the treatment that is suitable for you.

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Foot Orthotics and How They Can Help You

For those of us who are on our feet all day, or even for a significant part of the day, we may find that adding foot orthotics to our lives may improve the way our feet or our bodies feel, especially after a period of standing. For those who suffer from foot discomfort or injury or who are highly susceptible to foot ulceration, orthotics may be the solution to keeping you comfortable when you are on your feet. Read on to learn more about what foot orthotics are, how you can determine if they are right for you, and how they may help you.

What Are Foot Orthotics?

Foot orthotics are custom made shoes and inserts for shoes which help to alleviate high pressure areas in the foot, making the person wearing them more comfortable while standing. Orthopedists find foot orthotics to be helpful in treating many feet and leg conditions, including plantar fasciitis, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and chondromalacia patella, and in avoiding diabetic and arthritic ulcerations.


To determine whether foot orthotics will help you, your orthopedic specialist will need to run a series of simple computer tests. Your orthopedist will ask you to stand still and walk on a highly sensitive, computerized pad to discover high pressure points in your feet from body weight distribution. Clinicians will then analyze this data to determine how your natural situation and weight distribution are affecting the rest of your body. If any areas of your foot pressure are particularly strong, you may have corrective foot orthotics recommended to you.

How Orthotics Can Help

Many researchers believe that our foot health is essential to health in the rest of our body. While orthotics may not be able to assist with an earache, they can assist with problems arising from leg length differences, back pain (especially low back pain), leg fatigue, pain in feet, bunions, and a host of other foot and leg related problems. Foot orthotics are custom designed to fit your specific needs and increase your overall function by alleviating pressure in your feet. Because they are specific to you, they are able to help with your specific problems.

Over the Counter Orthotics

There has been a rise in disposable shoe inserts over the years, and many are available from your local mega-mart or drugstore. Orthopedic specialists would caution you away from these one-size-fits-all style of shoe inserts. Because you are not able to know fully what your foot issues are without seeing an orthopedist, it is nearly impossible to be certain that you will pick the correct insert for your issues yourself. In addition, you may have more than one issue that needs orthotic correction, and disposable shoe inserts are simply not able to provide the customized aid you may need. You may even worsen your condition by adding mass-produced inserts to your shoes. It is vital to get your foot orthotics from your orthopedic specialist so that they are exactly perfect to help you and your foot and body concerns.

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Summer Foot Pain

When the summer months finally arrive in the UK podiatrists tend to see an increased incidence of certain foot conditions in clinic. Along with the sizzling barbecues and lazy afternoons people star to wear flip flops. We find that when people walk in flip-flops, they alter their gait, which can result in problems and pain from the foot up into the hips and lower back. Thin rubber flip flops which have no arch support at all change your biomechanical gait and you begin to use muscles and tendons in a different way. This can result in conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Metatarsalgia, Morton's Neuroma, Achilles Tendonitis, Calf Strains as well as generalized foot and lower leg pain from overuse. If you can imagine the toe having to squeeze every step to keep the flip flops in place you can imagine the repetitive over use can do to your feet.

Apart from people wearing flops you see many more people go barefoot around the swimming pools, in the garden, on decking etc. This leads to an increased incidence of injuries from sharp objects, insect bites, allergic reactions and bacterial & fungal infections.

Summer months also make people more conscious over there appearance as they get out all there summer clothes. This usually means that many people ratchet up their gym or sporting programs to lose those extra few pounds to get in shape. Podiatrists often find that more patients will complain of conditions such as plantar facisitis which is also know as heel pain and Achilles tendonitis. A sudden increase in activity along with inappropriate warm up and warm down routines. In some cases it is recommended to patients to use the RICE protocol for some injuries (rest, ice, compression, elevation) if this fails to alleviate your symptoms, it is important to contact your physician or podiatrist.

It is also very important to wear the most appropriate shoes for the appropriate sport. Some patients start running in fashionable trainers and not running shoes. This can lead to other foot and leg conditions as the patients do not have the right level of support.

During hot weather, many people experience excess water retention, or put more plainly, swelling. Because of the effect of gravity, the swapping becomes more pronounced and obvious in the feet, ankles and legs. Although usually temporary, swollen legs can be an uncomfortable side effect of summer.

In the summer time we also tend to see many more patients walk into clinic complaining of peeking skin. The most common reason for continuing peeling of the skin is a fungal infection. During the summer months when the heat and humidity rise, a condition known as Tinea Pedis, or athlete's foot, can appear with little warning. Foot hygiene and addressing conditions such as sweaty feet are very important during the summer months.

Patients also tend to suffer from heel fissures which is when your feet and especially your heels have dry skin which results in cracks in the skin. This can occur due to the lack of moisture in the feet and exposing there feet more in the heat., This is why it is important to moisturize your feet everyday.

If a patient has flat feet or over pronates which is when the foot rolls in excessively they need to support their feet with suitable orthotics while running. The Dr Foot Sports Insoles are ideal for runner who have flat feet or over pronate.

Finally as summer months are here and people spend more time walking in thinner shoes we see many more occurrences of corn and calluses. However instead of people visiting a podiatrist some people do what us podiatrists call “bathroom surgery” and try and pick or cut the callus themselves. In some cases this can make the condition worse, cause an injury or even lead to a infection. when in do not visit a podiatrist.

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Vibram FiveFingers Product Review

FiveFingers … even the name is intriguing

I thought it was time for a product review and what better product to start with than the Vibram FiveFingers. I was really skeptical in the beginning, so I feel this makes me an ideal person to do a proper and fully unbiased review. FiveFingers are the shoes that ” started the barefoot revolution “. So lets see just how I feel about them.

What are Vibram FiveFingers?

Vibram FiveFingers® (VFF) was developed by Robert Fliri and Marco Brimani (grandson of Vibram's founder Vitale Brimani). They are considered to be a healthy alternative for the feet, of an active life and not a replacement for all of your shoes. When I first saw them, I thought of a modern day hippie. FiveFingers are the shoes that have individual slots for each toe, keeping them separated and creating a more natural feel.

To FiveFingers or not to FiveFingers

In August of this last year (2011), while I was in Southern Sudan working, my wife and I were discussing buying both of us a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes. She had been talking about them and I thought they might be interesting but was not completely sold on the comfort level or how I was going to feel about having my toes separated and wrapped. But then again, I thought it might be kind of cool to walk around with the feel of being barefoot. After all, when we were kids we always ran around and played outside with no shoes on and it was great. Plus, I was working in Africa at the time and was reminded that shoes were not unnecessarily needed to survive. Many of the Africans are still going barefoot and it does not seem to bother them. Believe me the environment over there is much harsher than it is here in the United States.

So, as usual, I thought about it and thought about it and could not stop thinking about it, which is normally a good sign I am going to do it. So my enthusiasm loud and I continued to research and read a lot of really good articles on the subject of FiveFingers, barefoot running and just being barefoot in general. I also learned there were a lot of different styles to choose from some of which are very odd looking and do not look very appealing and some that were very cool looking. So we decided that both of us would get a pair, yes 1 pair each and if we liked them we would get more later.

ONE Pair Each

Well there was a slight problem … you guessed it, I was in Africa and working in a location that provided ZERO mail service whatever. So yeah, I was going to have to wait for a little while longer (I was scheduled to come home shortly) because FiveFingers are measured by your foot and have to be pretty much perfect for a proper fit and feel.Well as you probably guess , my wife decided she could not wait for me to get home before she went to buy hers. I can not say I blame her. It was still over a month away. When all was said and done, she had bought 2 different styles (yes I said 2 and not 1) that look totally different. The Jaya were a slip on style with just enough sole to let you know there was something on your foot and the Speed, which has laces like a traditional shoe.

She immediately fell in love with both. Even with how much she appeared to really love her new shoes, I was still skeptical. It was not just the toe thing or a matter of comfort but also sizing a shoe that had to be a merit fit. There is no wiggle room when it comes to the FiveFingers and I mean no wiggle room (at least not for me).

FiveFinger Me! My turn

Shortly after getting home in September, I decided it was time for me to get my Vibram FiveFingers. I went from store to store searching but could not find any that fit me. They were too small or just a little too big. Luckily, Vibram has a sizing chart on their website with instructions on how to properly measure your foot. I followed their instructions and found that my foot had an exact size on the women chart but was in between sizes in the men category. This kind of explained why I was not happy with the feel for the few I had tried on the stores. In learning this I decided to just take a chance and order straight from the Vibram's website. Well you might have guessed it. I actually ordered from the WOMEN's, I'm secure, plus the womens FiveFingers selection seem to have more colors to choose from and after all, I had an exact size match, so why would I go with an off size?

After a few days of searching, yes a few days (off and on of course), I also decided on the Jaya. They had the look I liked and they were black. It took me a little while to get used to them, for the same reasons I was skeptical. When you first start wearing them it is VERY different. They feel like nothing I have ever worn before. It is weird walking flat on the ground with no thick soles but feet so good to do so. Now, these FiveFingers, the Jaya are not made for high impact and they are not made for a lot of activity. This is obvious because they are slip on with no fastening and they do tend to slip a little if you doing strenuous exercise in them. But, with that being said, I do still enjoy working out in them on a daily basis. I use them for weight lifting and even worn them through out my Insanity program. They were great. Wearing a pair that Velcro's or ties would most likely be better but I have no complaints about my Jaya's.

So my thoughts

At first, I had a little discomfort wearing my FiveFingers several hours at a time (such as on long trips) but now I forget I have them on and even tend to hang out in the house with them. I have already decided that I will be getting a second pair this year; it is just a matter of deciding which style and what color. I will also have to take into account what I plan to wear them for.

So after wearing them now for 6 months, it is my opinion that you can not go wrong with a good pair of Vibram FiveFingers. I am a firm believer in them. I will continue to talk about them as time goes on, I am sure, because I am not only thoroughly impressed by them but they have become a part of my life.

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Podiatry Can Create Pain Free Mobility

Just like other areas in the medical field, podiatry has provided many great advances and benefits to many patients over the years. This field of medicine, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the foot, ankle, legs and lower back, is extremely vital. That is because these parts of the body are very important to people's overall well-being.

That is because these parts of the body are necessary to be able to walk. Walking is something that many people take for granted. It is only when you lose the ability to walk that you can really appreciate its value. Just think about it. If you have foot problems that cause you great pain, you probably will not be able to run a marathon or go outside and play hide and seek with your children or children. It would even be a struggle for you to do mundane things such as shopping in the grocery store a walking in the mall. The same goes for ankle and leg problems. People who have leg issues, for example, may have a problem that causes them to be bound to a wheelchair. So they not only experience pain, but they may also lose their ability to walk altogether.

The good news about this is that the field of podiatry has made many great strides forward in helping people deal with these types of issues. There are a number of treatments and medicines available that allow people to be free from experiencing the pain that they have lived with for so long. In other words, there is an answer to the issues.

Even with the availability of podiatrists. Some people still overlook their importance. Then, there are those who do not think that it is worth the money. In their minds it is better to keep their money in their pocket. So, they end up trying to deal with the pain or the problem without getting the proper help. Not only does this not help them but it can also cause more problems.

That is because many times when an issue is overlooked for too long it can cause even greater issues. For example, someone who was only experiencing lower back pain could put off the issue until the problem spreads down to their lower back. After that, it can ever spread to their ankles. By the time they actually go to get help, it may be too late to reverse the problem. So, they cause even more damage to their bodies. If they had gone to get help sooner, things would not be so bad.

So the field of podiatry is something that is just as valuable as any other field of medicine, it is everyone's best bet to take advantage of the many things these experts provide.

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Foot Odor and How to Handle It

Aside from foot aches and sore feet, one of the common problems with your feet is a stinky odor. Not that it's a big deal but a lot of professionals set aside this problem. But one has to realize that having such condition may lead to even bigger problems in the future. It's actually a sign that a number of bad bacteria has increased on ones skin and that immediate action must take place.

But before I share with you how you can prevent and get rid of foot odor easily, let us first distinguish the different possibilities of getting a foot odor. Below are some of the known reasons why you get a bad odor foot:

1. You might be using shoes or socks that moisten. Bacteria can survive in cold and moist places.
2. The bacteria leave feces on your skin. The feces said to emit a putrid-smelling chemical which initially smells.
3. Your foot sweats a lot.

The change of humidity in the air has a big effect on your feet. If you have the time, clean your feet or have an expert pedicure to clean your feet once in a while. You can also mix warm water with essential oils and dip your feet for 20-30 minutes. After which, scrub and rub your feet and massage it. This way, you are able to neutralize odor and at the same time give your feet a good make over.

For those who have fungal infection, stinky feet and / or cracked heels. You can seek medication or you can do the steps on how to prevent them. Below is a step by step guide on how you can avoid such problems and prevent them from coming back.

• Wash your feet using bath soap (not the beauty soap that you use). This will keep your feet clean and free from dirt.
• Wash your feet at least twice a day or after taking a bath.
• Use pumice stone in removing dead skin under your boots. You can also apply lotion or any moisturizer to keep your foot skin soft.
• Remember, you should see it that your feet are always dry to prevent irritation and fungi to build up.
• To keep your skin hydrated and supple, massage it once in a while using cream or essential oil.
• Have your in-house pedicure visit you regularly and have your nails trimmed and free from dirt.
• Use shoes and sandals that fit your feet well so that you will not be having any problems. If so, use arch supports or shoe inserts to keep your feet always on the go.
• Never walk bare footed as you may catch bacteria and fungi elsewhere.
• See to it that you observe good hygiene practices and eating habits.

If you can follow these easy steps for at least 2 or 3 weeks, you will help your feet restore the balance number of bad bacteria on it. This will then prevent such problems enumerated above and these steps will also help you relay a lot of stress on your feet.

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Foot Pain and The Active Lifestyle

Everyone, at some point, experiences foot pain that can keep them from engaging in the activities they love. For people with a regular, highly active lifestyle, persistent pain in the feet is both a reality and a frustrating disruption to your recreation time. There are, of course, a ton of different causes of pain in the foot – from stress injuries to long term foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, but the purpose of this post is to get past that pain and back to activity.

Usually the best way to approach foot pain is to approach it like any other kind of pain: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If you injured your foot running or playing basketball this all around treatment can typically alleviate a lot of the swelling and get you moving again within a day or two. This treatment is a good first step, but by no means a comprehensive solution if you've seriously injured yourself. If the injury and the pain is noticeably worse after a couple days or you can not even get off the couch, it might be time for a trip to the doctor. Lesson number one is to always listen to your body. This goes for training as well, since a lot of foot pain can be attributed to repetitive stress injuries. The feet are pretty resilient and that is why it often takes a long time before signs of stress appear. Between walking and standing around all day and then going on a hike or hitting the tennis courts, the feet are on call all of the time. This is reason why foot pain can be such a problem.

Stretching well before any activity is always essential for optimum performance. Tearing muscles while exercising is common even after stretching well. This can also apply to the feet – especially if you experience regular pain. Stretching the plantar fascia tendon running along the bottom of the foot by wrapping a towel around the toes and slowly pulling the towel towards your body is a good way to flex the tendon before exercise. Doing some heel raises is also beneficial to getting the achilles tendon and calf muscles loosened up before you launch into any activity. The more versatile your stretching routine, the better. For comprehensive, dynamic athletic performance, you need comprehensive preparation. This is where the second and final lesson comes in: wear quality shoes.

I will not go into too much detail as to what kinds of shoes you should wear because every activity has specialized footwear, but there are a couple qualities in shoes that will make your athletic experience more robust. For starters, always wear shoes that are well supported in the arch and heel. Having this support with effectively cushion your foot as you're bounding up and down the court or trudging up rugged trails. Secondly, if you have pain in the bottom of the foot, there are a lot of great shoes for plantar fasciitis that have features to treat that pain and still allow you to perform well. The point is, when you lead an active life, foot pain is an inconvenience that can be easily resolved with a little patience and some extra physical care.

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An Overview of the Most Common Sports Injury – Ankle Sprains and Strains

Ankle sprains and strains are among the most common sports related injuries in both children and adults. If you have played sports at one time or another, chances are that you have experienced a twisted ankle, or a sprain.

A sprain is when the twisting causes an injury to ankle ligaments, and a strain involves injury to one of the muscles surrounding the joint. Athletes, however, are not the only ones who are susceptible to ankle strains and sprains.

An ankle sprain may even occur when walking, traveling upstairs, stepping off a curve or moving awkwardly. A sprain may occur in everyday acts of life which turns into an awkward story to have to tell friends and coworkers.

Common Ankle Sprain Symptoms

Nearly all sprains, no matter what degree of severity, cause pain. When the strain is mild, the pain is typically less than if it is severe. There are 3 grades to sprains of the ankle, and a Grade 1 sprain involves mild pain.

The most common symptoms of an ankle sprain, as well as pain, include swilling and bruising. Bruising is common when the injury was a result of a twisting sprain, and involves bleeding into the area.

It is not uncommon for a strain to result in foot pain and radiating pain up the lower leg. The body is dealing with the pain and it can be felt in surrounding regions. Taking ibuprofen for pain and inflammation can be helpful while you are waiting to have your ankle examed by a trained specialist along with utilizing RICE – rest, ice compression, and elevation of the ankle.

Ankle Sprain Treatment

Treatment for a strain is contingent on the severity of the injury. Minor sprains require minimal treatment, while severe sprains may require emergent medical care. In unusual circumstances, such as athletes with severe grade 3 sprain injuries (tears of the ligament), surgical solutions may be the only alternative to repair the damaged ligaments that have torn and will not heal, creating instability.

Since ligaments can deteriorate over time, it is important to seek medical care for even a minor ankle sprain. A trained specialist may be able to assist with preventive measures so that further injury is avoided. This may require a splint for pain control and to allow the ligaments to “scar down” for proper healing.

Common treatment for minor and mid-level sprains involves elevating the foot and applying ice immediately in order to reduce swelling and inflammation. Patients are advised to eliminate as much weight on the foot as possible to reduce pressure and allow the ankle to heal. This may involve crutches. Compression bandages may be applied to keep the ankle and foot immobile while the healing process takes place.

If you believe you have sprained your ankle and are experiencing symptoms of pain and swelling, it is important to have the injury checked by a specialist. Lower leg conditions can lead to problems over time if left untreated.

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Shoe Inserts Can Cure Hammertoes?

The growing interest of the buying public on shoe inserts has drawn the attention of many retailers and store chains and started to offer such products on the market. However, there are only a few of these merchants who have staffs, employees, salespersons and managers who knows how shoe inserts works and how they affect the function of the foot. The worst part of it is that many marketers claim how their brand is far more effective than any other brands available.

One of the misleading claims about inserts is the effect of treating hammertoe deformity. That is why in this article we are going to discuss what this condition is and how can shoe insert cure it.

What Is Hammertoe Deformity?

It is one of the common foot problems where there is imbalance of the muscles controlling the movements of the toes. It is said by researchers that there are a number of reasons why you can get this condition, but the most common cause is the structure of your feet since the day you were born. If you are flat footed or high-arched footed then you are more prone to this condition.

There are some cases that a child will rapidly develop hammertoe but it typically takes decades to reach the full extent of the deformity. It is barely noticeable from early stages and dramatic changes occur during adulthood or old age. Remember, once hammertoe has reached its full potential there is no such medication, therapy or even shoe insert that can cure this deformity.

Now when it comes to retailers claiming that shoe inserts can alter hammertoe is totally untrue. No matter what stage your hammertoe is, no shoe inserts can cure it. In fact when used poorly, shoe inserts can even add to the damage and can make the problem even worse. The only way to cure hammertoe deformity is through surgical procedure. But a device called functional orthotic can reduce the pressure on the skin. This device is made especially to mold ones foot that is positioned in a neutral manner.

But Can Functional Orthotics Cure Hammertoe?

As mentioned above, no such device can cure this deformity but functional orthotic can prevent the condition from worsening simply by properly accommodating the foot. What it does is that it corrects imbalance tissues from those that are flat footed. This benefit can never be attained or offered by shoe inserts that retailers are selling. Although it may be expensive, those that are experiencing pain with their hammertoe deformities will surely find it worth the money.

By now you should have a clear picture whether or not retailers know more than what your doctors have to say. Although a functional orthotic that is specifically designed for your foot will only provide you comfort, it is still a step ahead when compared to commercial products offered by merchants.

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