Minimal footwear or minimalist shoes are the new footwear crazy. Minimal footwear does not contain a heel lift in shoe. This type of footwear allows the muscles of the feet to gain more strength than if you were wearing a shoe with a positive (lifted) heel. Heels in many traditional shoes shift and mis-align the muscles of the feet and entire body. The entire structure of the foot can function much more effectively and efficiently when there is not a heel in a shoe.

In addition, minimal footwear affects a person's gate (the way they walk) less than traditional shoes. When a person walks in a shoe with a positive heel it affects the entire way their body moves. The person unknowingly lifts their pelvic in order to stay upright and balanced.

The more people hear about this type of footwear the more people are placing these types of shoes on their feet and experiencing foot related problems. Many people are experiencing foot related problems because they have not trained their feet to wear these types of shoes. Any shift in the height of our heels impacts the entire structure of the feet and the body.

How do you transition to minimal footwear?

1. Evaluate the state of your feet now? Do you normally wear shoes with a 1-inch heel? 2 inches?
2. Next find one pair of shoes you would like to replace and purchase the new shoe with a inch inch smaller heel.
3. Allow your body / feet adequate time to embrace these new shoes and heel height.
4. Then purchase another pair of shoes with an even smaller heel. Repeat until all your shoes are those with minimal or no heels.

The biggest mistake people make when transitioning to minimal shoes is going from regularly wearing 1 to to 2-inch heels for over five years and then dropping to a shoe with no heel. Our bodies need time to transition, especially the muscles of our legs. Heels create shortened muscles in the legs, so when you go to no heels, these muscles will now require lengthening. Depending on how long you have been wearing heels, these muscles may not have been lengthened in years or decades.

As you drop your boots, the alignment of your body will start to shift. Your pelvis will come into a more neutral position, which will help with the alignment of your spine, organs, and overall health and functionality of your body.

Minimal footwear is a great idea; however, it is only a great idea if you prepare your feet and your body to wear this type of no heel shoe.