Some will say that sandals have no place in a man's wardrobe unless he is hanging out by the pool. However, sandals have come a long way in recent years, and there are quite a few stylish and trendy options that have earned themselves a place away from the chase lounge. These are not your average five dollar flip-flops, which should be reserved for the beach or pool. They are well-designed footwear designed to accompany fashionable warm weather attire.

Finding stylish men's sandals that transcend the low flip-flop can be a challenge. There are two tricks to finding the right pair of men's sandals:

1. Spend a bit of money
2. Make sure they look good on your feet

You're not going to find a great pair of sandals for $ 10 unless you get very lucky. Plan to spend at least $ 30 on a pair of sandals if you do not want to be embarrassed to wear them out. Look for quality materials and an inspired design. Cheap sandals will be shapeless and clunky, as well as uncomfortable to walk in for long periods of time. Quality sandals will have some arch support, and will follow the natural curves of the foot.

Sandals will work as part of an inspired outfit-but only if you choose the right pair-so take your time while shopping, and wear an outfit you'd like to be able to wear the sandals with so you can see how it pairs up with them.

How Not to Wear Sandals

Sandals did not get their bad reputation for nothing. Guys make all kinds of fashion faux pas with sandals, and this is why some fashion-minded individuals would not be worn dead wearing a pair. Here are some common mistakes you will want to avoid when wearing sandals:

• Weaving big, bulky sandals. They look like snow shoes, and detract from any outfit.
• We wear sandals that do not match your outfit. If the sandals look like an afterthought, they do not work with the outfit.
• Sandals with socks. Do not even consider this-ever!
• Unkempt feet. If you're going to wear footwear that shows your feet, you may want to trim your toenails so you do not look like a caveman. If you have scary looking feet, do yourself a favor and wear shoes that cover them.

How to Properly Wear Sandals

When choosing sandals, go for a pair that make your feet look smaller. This creates a more refined appearance, and anticipates the feet from becoming a focal point (for all the wrong reasons). Also, go out and get a pedicure at the beginning of the summer so your feet look healthy and attractive.

Get a couple pairs of sandals so you will be able to wear them with a wider range of outfits. Sandals with ankle straps are okay as long as they are well designed, so use you judgment here. If you're not sure which styles to get, browse around online and see what is currently in fashion, and then go shop for them at the right stores.