Yellow toenails look very ugly in appearance and are caused due to the fungus infection in the nails. You will not notice anything at an early stage. However if not treated early, other toenails may go yellow too. It can lead to the complete removal of the nail bed .. This infection, if not treated immediately, can also affect daily regular activities like exercising and walking.

Keratin is a protein which is present both in the toenails and the toenail bed. This keratin is affected by a fungus callledermatophyte, which leads to toenail infection or a nail disorder. This nail disorder is commonly known as onychomycosis .. The fungus usually grows in areas that are moist and it loves a warm environment. This kind of environment is usually supported by the very enclosure of the foot within shoes. Wearing socks also adds to making the environment warmer. The nails get brittle as they lose their texture and become shapeless if affected by infections. They first develop streaks and then goes yellow, which is an indication that the infection has taken hold.

Yellow toenails can easily spread from one person to another as it is a contagious disease. Some of the reasons of the spread of yellow toenails are stated below:

  • sharing socks or shoes of an infected person
  • sharing towels of an infected person
  • not washing after sports related activities
  • having skin to skin contact with an infected person
  • having a pedicure or manicure with unsterilized instruments
  • going out in public places without wearing slippers
  • lack of air circulation to your feet
  • not allowing the foot to dry after washing and immediately wearing shoes and socks
  • failing to change your socks on a regular basis
  • wearing shoes and socks which are not comfortable with little or no ventilation

There are many home remedies available for treating yellow toenails. These include the use of Listerine mouthwashes, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and vicks vapor.

Vinegar is also one of the home remedies which can be employed as a bleaching agent, helping in removing the yellow discoloration.

Anti fungal drugs such as Zeta clear and fungi nix can assist in getting rid of fungus to some extent as they contain active ingredients.

Laser treatment is also considered as one of the very effective treatment for yellow toenails. The oral antifungal drugs are also given for treatment for treating this kind of infection.

Surgery is considered as the last option for treating the infection related to yellow toenails if the infection is sever and can not be managed or controlled by drugs or home remedies.