You can find a lot of dry feet remedies that can be done at home. However, not all of them are as easy as you think. Especially when you need to abide by a very busy daily schedule, using home remedies simply would not do. A very busy individual like you has to think about which one really helps and which one just wastes your time. Think about that while you think about the different home remedies that can be used to solve dry feet and other skin problems.

Vaseline is said to help the eyelashes grow longer. Similarly, some believe that it can also help lessen the dryness of the feet so that it will not be as ugly as a chapped fruit. However, Vaseline has not been proven to do any of this, so there is really no point in putting your trust in it. If you happen to have products like olive oil and Epsom salt, you can spread them on the soles of the feet after taking a bath so that they will rehydrate the feet. However, it would be uncomfortable for you to go to work with them all over your feet. Baking soda and vinegar are also common recommendations for this condition. But would you feel comfortable knowing that you can bake a cake with ingredients that were put on your feet? Also, would not vinegar smell bad on your shoes or pants if they keep in contact for too long?

Dry feet may be solved by any of the remedies listed above, but think about it. Are you willing to go out of your way and ruin your schedule by trying them on? Most people simply do not have the time to experiment with such products, which is why they prefer to use products that have been meant to solve dry feet. Because these creams have been made especially for the problems of the feet, you are guaranteed that you can use them without worrying about unnecessary smell or staining.

If you are bothered about your feet, try out the best foot cream that you can find in the market instead of ransacking your kitchen for ingredients that are not proven effective. When compared with these, the cream will win every time. It is equipped with the best ingredients so you are guaranteed that it will always give you the best benefits without even becoming a hassle.