When was the last time you walked barefoot?

Being barefoot is regarded as the most natural thing and is also one of the most comfortable things we can do, it gives us a sense of freedom and relaxation I think; but most important, walking barefoot on your rug (which I do often) or other soft surface is very beneficial to your health, for example: it gives you more rocking motion on your feet and it eliminates the hard heel shocks on your hips, legs and feet.

As we grow older the arch of our feet forms properly but as time goes by we can suffer life long consequences, we damage our knees and even our backs. Going barefoot I believe will help us have more healthy feet. It also will develop muscle strength and improvements walking and running, assists with agility and our equilibrium. A big one for me is that it will give us time to get fresh after a long, busy and tiresome day after being in constant moisture inside the shoes and therefore preventing any unwelcome bacteria in our skin and nails. It will help against the varicose veins because of the proper motion from the unrestrained foot and that will certainly assist the leg muscles in pumping more blood back to the heart.

Walking barefoot on your rug and other soft surface will help your back disc since they do not have blood vessels they only get nourished by motion making the spine to compress and relax so preventing some pain. A barefoot person will shift the body weight to the outer edges of the feet compensating for flat feet. All in all in opinion if you are not use to walking without shoes, kick them off !, get free feel the soft rug from under your feet since barefoot are more beautiful and healthy, go ahead and discover proper walking with comfortable motion for better health or just for fun; stretch and bend your toes or spread them like a fan, lift them up and curl them too, the more you move them the better it feels, remember that movement is life and life is much better when we are free, run, jump, twirl like you have not done in a while (please just be careful) do not let your shoes get in the way. Love your body, improve your health and have some fun in the process.