It's easy to ignore problems when they are not making any impact on your life. But problems are called problems for a reason, and that is because they certainly affect your life physically, emotionally, or financially. The worst problems are those that affect your life in more than one aspect. Some of these problems are seen on the feet, and most people disregard them because they are not easily seen by other people.

In a world where social appearance is pivotal, a person tends to work on problems that will be associated with him by others easily. For example, the acne on his face has to go because he has an important meeting coming up. The wrinkles and eye bags should be removed before he presents his new project before the board of directors. But what about feet problems such as dry feet? Nobody thinks that this needs immediate solution because it can be covered by fancy shoes. As long as he can still walk, he does not think that dry feet are having any impact on his body at all. But that's where he is wrong.

Dry feet are slowly turning worse as you continue to ignore it. Although it may not be showing any signs as of now, if you let it persist for a few more weeks, be prepared to feel pain in increasing levels. The pain is an indication that dry feet have turned into something worse such as cracked feet. And when you have cracked feet, even if you can hide them under expensive shoes, you will still feel the pain. In fact, the pain gets worse when you wear uncomfortable shoes or when you stay stay for a long time. Even the cold weather becomes unbearable if your problem has turned for the worse.

Occasionally, you will not be able to walk at all because of the pain. This could have been warned if only you did not disregard the problem on your feet. You can easily solve any dryness of the feet with a good foot cream, but you need to apply it regularly. It is better to start treatment while the problem is not yet that bad. All those times that you think it's not making an impact on your life should have been the time when you have stopped it from getting worse. This should be a lesson for you so that when the problem arrives, you will know that you have to fight it early on.