If you are suffering from unsightly nail fungus and looking for viable treatment options you may already be aware of the numerous choices available when it comes to over the counter (OTC) products. Also, if, like many people, you want to avoid taking prescription medications, especially those that may cause serious side effects such as those intended for treating nail fungus, and already know that home remedies are totally ineffective, finding an OTC product is of the utmost importance.

FungiCure Maximum Strength Liquid is one such OTC treatment that is marketed as being an effective alternative to wasting time on home remedies or taking a risk with your health by using prescription drugs. But, the question remains; is this particular product really quite effective when it comes to treating a condition as stubborn as nail fungus, and does it outperform prescription medication or would your money simply be better elsewhere?

The Facts on FungiCure

Maximum Strength FungiCure Antifungal Liquid is touted by the company who makes it as a cure for most cases of ringworm and athlete's foot. Because it includes an antifungal ingredient, Fungicure is said to relieve symptoms caused by common fungus including burning, itching, and redness.

According to the directions, a thin layer of Fungi Cure should be applied twice per day, once in the morning and again at night, with the included brush applicator which makes it easy to reach the skin under the nails. The liquid treatment dries rather quickly and does not have a strong or medicinal odor that many OTC products tend to have.

The Fungi Cure liquid can be used for up to four weeks at a time but if no improvements are seen, it is recommended to stop using the product and consult with a doctor. However, if you do notice a positive difference in your nail fungus, the company says you can continue using it until the fungal infection is gone or marks marked improvement.

The active ingredient in Fungi Cure is 25% undecylenic acid, an antifungal agent. Also included are the active ingredients aloe vera gel, fragrance, hypromellose, isopropyl alcohol, purified water, and vitamin E.

The Pros and Cons of FungiCure

In terms of FungiCure's positive points, the product is readily available through a number of retailers including well known merchants such as Amazon.com, CVS, K-Mart, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart. It is also easy to use and reliably selling selling online for an average of $ 9 for a three ounce bottle at the time of this writing.

But, if you are not happy with your FungiCure purchase, the company's money-back guarantee policy involves asking them for a return request letter which is then used for obtaining a refund from the retailer you purchased the product from, a rather lengthy process.

Spectacular claims regarding the effectiveness of FungiCure can also be found online. But, are these glowing testimonials a biased representation of the truth written by those affiliated with the product or the accounts of an actual, honest experience?

Regardless of grandiose claims of nail fungus being completely cured within an unusually short period of time, the truth is that the vast majority of OTC products are simply unable to eradicate nail fungus for most people and satisfaction rates rarely reach the 50% mark.

Questions have also arisen in regards to the wording on the label of the Fungi Cure bottle which reads “not effective on scalp or nails.” Considering it is intended for curing nail fungus, why would the label indicate that it is not effective on nails?

According to the company, the active ingredient in FungiCure is in fact safe for using on both the scalp and the nails; however, the FDA requires that the statement be present on all OTC antifungal products as the nails are a hard, non-porous surface and therefore unable to absorb a topical treatment such as this one.

So, should you use FungiCure for your nail fungus? Your wisest choice may be to first investigate all of your options thoroughly when it comes to finding the most effective treatment for nail fungus for saving your money now and your precious time in the future.