Having the foot of desired shape is not something that we have control of. However, keeping our God-given feet in good condition is certainly something we can manage. There are many people who have a fallen arch in feet, or flat feet – a condition in which the arch in the foot has disappeared in a way that entire sole tend to rest on a flat surface. The arch in the foot develops between the ages of 4 to 6 years. Most of the people have the improper feet right from the birth, ie congenital problem whereas some acquire flat feet as they grow. Such improperly formed feet, by themselves are not the cause of problems. However, straight feet are known to be associated with knee joint pain, broken tendons (Achilles tendonitis) and Shin splints.

Gone are the days when flat feet used to be a trouble, as now orthotics for flat feet is available. The term does not refer to any surgery or any inserts done to the body, but it is an orthopedic device that helps in rectification of the function of the feet. Orhotics are medically designed and proven inserts that are put in the shoes between the sole of your feet and cushion of the shoe in such way that they provide a slight arch to the feet. Orthotics for flat feet are created in a manner that they remove biochemical malfunctions of feet and thereby help prevent injury and pain.

Excessive use of high heels, long standing hours with no rest or support, and non-fitting footwear are few of the major reasons that cause development of improper feet during aging.

Orthotics for flat feet are available in different sizes, colors and materials in order to serve different needs. They can be in the form of the insoles or in the form of the arch brace that provide right support to the arch.

Depending on the problem and patient's situation, orthotics can be opted for specific type of feet. Some orthotics provide extra room for the broad feet with the widened toe area. If you wish to wear high heels, then there is orthotics that can move the weight from the balls to the heel. Softer orthotics are generally preferred by most people as they provide a nice comfortable cushion for the feet and cradle the feet properly.

Orthotics for improper feet have been widely accepted by the people to prevent or cure the pain that flat feet causes, since treatment is completely non-invasive and the effect can be clearly and easily felt within weeks. It is advisable that doctor's recommendation and suggestions are taken into account for choosing the right kind of the orthotics for your feet. These are available in a wide variety of prices and quality, so it is indicative that a proper market survey is done before investing your hard earned money to buy orthotics, while looking for the comfort of your tender feet.