1. Take away rugs or carpets that may cause you to trip.

2. Organize and clean up the house of messy cords, toys, and other strewn items.

3. Re-arrange your furniture to make a clear pathway for you. Consider your assistive device when re-arranging. Are you using crutches or scooters?

4. Put up temporary ramps for wheelchairs or scooters.

5. Pay bills online. Set up your online banking account or arrange to have someone help you with bills payment.

6. Purchase books, magazines, games, movies, music or hobbies to work on your free time.

7. Prepare and stock easy to cook meals ahead of time. Search your area for restaurants that deliver, get a copy of their menu and keep their delivery hotline number handy.

8. Withdraw some money so you have cash at hand. Make sure your credit card is within your reach as well.

9. Axillary Crutches may get painful if you use them to often. Try wrapping them in foam to make a padding, or consider renting or purchasing a crutch alternative like the hands free crutch or a knee or chopped scooter. Research online to find one that fits your individual needs.

10. Get outside of the house. Plan some time to go out with family or friends and enjoy.

11. A backpack, a tote bag, or a body bag to hold your things will be very helpful. Put in your phone, keys, wallet, books, medicine and water. It will save you trips to and fro.

12. If you are using a walker or a scooter, make sure to check for stability before you add heavy things in the basket.

13. If you are planning to spend most of your time in your bedroom, move things you will need into your room.

14. Get automatic night lights if your bathroom is across the hallway or the path to the rooms of your house is poorly lit.

15. Ask help from family and friends. Make a list of tasks that you need help on and plan with them how and when they can help you.

16. Ask help for taking care of children.

17. Arrange for someone to take over caring for you pets.

18. Make duplicate keys for family and friends so you can give themselves in.

19. Body pillows makes for a more peaceful sleep. Get different pillows to support your leg and back.

20. Wear a more functional wardrobe. Cargo pants are a great as they can fit through the cast and have multiple pockets.