Sad to say, but many are taking their feet for granted. You might think that it's just “feet” and that they do not need proper care and attention. But studies show that the health and appearance of our feet can greatly affect our overall health. Podiatrists agree that proper health care for your feet will make your activities easier to do. Even the slightest pain on your feet can make you feel uncomfortable all over.

Fortunately, our feet are one of the easiest parts of our body to keep in top shape. Just read and follow the tips below in keeping your feet healthy and looking great.


Because our feet can easily get fungal infection and bruises from everyday walking and other day to day activities, it is ideal to maintain a very good hygiene. Keep them healthy by scrubbing them thoroughly every time you bathe. Use soap and a good scrubbing material like a face towel or foot brush to remove dirt in the toe nails and in between toes. After bathing, completely dry your feet using a clean towel. Make sure that your feet are already dry before you put on any footwear. Putting on shoes or socks with wet feet is one of the main causes of fungal infection.

Make sure you do not borrow anyone's socks. It is very unhealthy to wear somebody else's socks because you may never know if they have sweaty feet or fungal infection. Same goes with slippers. If and when you really need to wear other people's shoes (bowling, etc.) just make sure you bring your own clean socks. If they are sandals or pumps for women, wear foots stockings all the time. There are also handy anti-fungal sprays available. Spray the inside of the shoes wait for about ten minutes or so before putting them on (always with socks).


Choose proper and appropriate footwear for the occasion. Do not wear anything that is too small for you or too big. Both will create strain, not only to your feet but also to your legs. Likewise, if you are going for a walk or the activity involves a lot of walking, make sure you have comfortable sneakers or rubber shoes on. It is not healthy to wear shoes which are too flat always and also shoes with heels. It should be a balance of both types of shoes in a week.

Toe Cleaning or Pedicure

It is advisable to have a pedicure every once in a while. Just make sure that all the cleaning equipment of the salon you are going to cleans and sterilizes their equipment every after customer. If you are in doubt, you may also bring your own cleaning materials to be sure that you will not contract any unwanted disease.

Nail polish is unhealthy if used often. Nails should also have to have a breathing space. Putting on nail polish will turn your nails yellow because the nails will not be able to breathe. If you have an ugly nail, do not hide it with nail polish. Instead, have a podiatrist look at it and see how it will be corrected. Just keep it clean all the time.

Check your feet regularly

Check your feet on a regular basis for any bruises or open wounds. Treat the open wound immediately and use bandages every time you put on your shoes. Remove the bandage or gauze when you're at home. Also monitor the condition of your feet. There are certain times and weather when your feet becomes abnormally sweaty. During these occasions, you may want to use foot powder or foot antiperspirant sprays to avoid excess sweating.

Always remember that your feet of health means the health of your entire body. Keep it clean and dry always. Avoid wearing someone else's footwear and always check your feet for bruises and other unusual conditions. Consult your podiatrist when needed.