If you have flat feet, you know that this can contribute to problems. Because the entire sole of the foot comes into contact with the floor when standing, this can result in improper alignment of your legs. This can cause pain in your ankles as well as your knees. It's often caused when arches do not develop at an early age, typically during childhood. This can also be caused by an injury and is sometimes due to aging.

Is there a Solution for Flat Feet?

Foot orthotics for flat feet can be a relief for those who suffer from this condition. This can help relieve the aches that are experienced in the arches of the feet. Caused by the over-pronation or rolling of the ankle, this pain can be debilitating and it can also result in further injury to the feet over time.

Custom made orthotics that can be inserted into your shoes can help. They are custom fitted to your feet and have provided relief for many people. Choosing the type that is made by a method of molding cork, leather and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) will provide the shock absorption and the comfort needed to treat pain. The othotics are made by implementing technology with research, education and a manufacturing process that provides the craftsmanship needed for successful design.

Custom Fit is a Better Option

Many people try to treat flat feet with arch supports that they purchase over the counter. They may help something or not at all. The best solution is orthotics for flat feet that are designed for your individual needs. The materials used will last for several years while providing the support your feet need and proper alignment of the legs when standing. In addition, flat feet are often associated with problems in the hips, knees and back. Support on a full time basis is needed and will be very beneficial to alleviate many of these symptoms and to prevent further problems.

Foot orthotics should be made from a material that is lightweight for the best comfort. In addition, they offer shock absorption, which is very important. When standing, walking or running, weight is transferred to your feet. When they come into contact with the ground, this can cause an impact that for people with flat feet that allows them to roll over to the inner side. This can put a strain on the ligaments and muscles in the legs. Arches in the feet help to distribute body weight in the legs and feet when walking on the many surfaces we come into contact with daily.

Orhotics are Beneficial for Many

Foot orthotics for flat feet can help by providing distribution of weight for those who do not have arches. They are often recommended by health care providers for people who are experiencing pain from fallen or weak arches or hereditary flat feet. Diabetes is also a cause of flat feet and it is very important that the feet be protected when this condition is present. Arthritis sufferers can also benefit from orthotics as well as people with nervous system or muscle diseases.