Many people have complained of an aching foot at some point of their lives. Experts have classified many types of pains that ail the foot and thus foot pain solutions have become just as diverse the conditions they seek to treat.

Ranging from simplistic home based remedies such as foot massages, foot soaks, and wet pads to advanced treatments such as surgery and corrective devices, a person who suffers from a condition that causes foot pain has never had as many options before for their treatment. The thing to notice is that several of the treatments for foot pain have always been related to the underlying causes of the condition.

Take for example, Plantar Fasciitis, a condition that has been noted for causing noticeable pain in the arc and heel of the foot. It has been characterized by the inflammation of the tissue joining the bone bone to the toes. Its causes have been described as overworking the feet, an abnormal gait, obesity that causes excessive stress on the foot, poor fitting shoes that put strain on the toes and heels of the foot etc.

Now, if the pain has been caused by overworking the foot ie excessive walking / running / standing during the day, the best way to cure it is simply lying down and resting your feet, if possible, elevated above the body, by avoiding walking / running on surfaces that are hard and irregular and by modifying your routine to include activities such as cycling that provide a change to your foot muscles. If the pain has been caused by ill-fitting shoes such as those with high heels and pointed ends, then it can be corrected by switching, timely, to comfortable shoes that are designed for walking instead of looking good. If the culprit has been obesity then the cure is to improve your diet and lose the extra fat so that your feet can have some breathing room. For those who have suffered from this condition due to their walking style that puts unusual stress on their feet, doctors recommend measures to correct the gait. Note how the cause is linked to the foot pain solution in each case.

Ingrown toenails are another condition that have affected the feet of many. In this condition, a toenail, usually of the big toe, starts to grow into the skin at the sides of the toe causing inflammation, swelling and infection. Experts have given several opinions on how to ingrown toenails ranging from in-home techniques such as soaking the ailing foot in warm water, placing a cotton ball dipped in disinfectant under the toenail and massaging the toe with oil for mild cases, to oral antibiotics and surgical removal of the offending portion of the toenail for sever cases. Another popular opinion on how to treat ingrown toenails is to be proactive – wearing proper shoes and trimming the toenail properly are simple steps that can be tried in this regard.