So you have been suffering from series of gout attacks and you are really tired of being bothered by the unbearable pains and you are thinking of buying a uric acid meter to monitor the UA level in your body to prevent future attacks? Here are a few points for you to ponder upon before you make your final decision.

1. It Does Not Tell The Uric Acid Levels Outside The Bloodstream

Conventional way of testing UA level in the body is through the blood sample, be it through the advance blood test lab or a simple electronic meter. Monitoring the UA level in the bloodstream can only tell how much uric acid is floating in the blood and not how much urate crystal has formed within the joint that gives you the notorious gout pain.

What really matter is the concentration of uric acid and amount of uranium crystals formed outside the bloodstream. Although higher UA level in the bloodstream does increase the probability of getting gout attacks, but it is not a direct way of indicating how soon you will get you next gout attack. There are people with high UA level in blood test report but never experienced any gout attack at all. On the other hand, there are people with UA level within healthy range and yet still experience gout attacks.

2. It Is Not a Fix to the Problem

If you can understand the big picture of how your body handles the excess purine and uric acid, you will begin to accept that fact that monitoring the UA level in the blood does not really help in reducing the frequency of attacks. Well, if you want to turn your body into an experiment machine and test what food gives you the spike of UA level in your blood 2 hours after you eat it, go ahead and buy the meter for the sake of biology fun.

3. It Will Turn You Into A Paranoid

When you have a uric acid measuring device in the house, I bet you will do the test every now and then. The psychology is not much different for going for your yearly body check up, the different is only that now you are testing only one subject and you will get the result instantly. If the number drops, you will have a happy day and may even ask your friends out for a great meal and drink more beer since you have 'good' reason to celebrate. And sure enough, on your next round of test, the UA level rises again and you will be disappointed, depressed and sad for a few days. Do you think you will enjoy the yo-yo cycles?

Look, your ultimate objective is to be free from gout for the rest of your life and not being trapped further into it. A uric acid meter is just a mean to the end, but if you misuse it (most people do), you will end up running in circles trying to fix a problem that is not the real cause of the painful swollen joint.