Concerned about having white spots on your toes, fingernails or both? It's not uncommon, especially when your growing up. When I was growing up and I was in my teenage years, I used to have white spots on my finger nails and occasionally on my toenails. These came and went over time. Before I knew nothing about nail fungus and the early symptoms, I would blame it on a vitamin deficiency and simply ignored it.

And I was right, it was nothing more than something my body was missing as far as nutrition and vitamins. My mother would tell me, “you need to drink more milk because you have a calcium deficiency”. Was she right? Quite honestly I would not know because I paid little attention to what she said, I simply ignored it and they all went away.

More About White Spots On Nails And Toenails:

White spots on your toenails and fingernails could also be a sign of a nail fungus infection. Our nails and toenails say a lot about our health, just like your eyes do. Many spots on your nails could mean the sunset of nail fungus and should be watched carefully. Are these white spots fading, disappearing over time or are you noticing more of them appearing? Do you feel rundown, tired or stressed? Do you feel you have a vitamin deficiency or simply do not know?

When in doubt, start by taking some vitamins to supplement your nutrition. Over the coming weeks take note of whether these spots are still there. If your condition continues to deteriorate, there are no signs that your condition is getting any better, seek medical advice but do not let it go. Letting it go is the worst thing you can do because if you are seeing and adjusting of early nail fungus symptoms its going to take that much longer to control it.

Nail Fungus:

Nail fungus is a very nasty disease and you can have it for years without even knowing it. If you do have early signs of nail fungus the white spot condition on your nails and toenails is already a sign that the disease is advancing and getting worst. Once again I will stress, do not ignore this condition. It will only get worst and will be that much more of a hassle to get it under control.

Do you suspect you have nail fungus? There are some excellent topical solutions around that will completely cure white spot symptoms of the nails and toenails and the faster you control it the faster the cure.

Nail fungus is not easy to cure and if ignored could take months and months of treatment, up to 6 months or longer. Get it under control before it totally controls your life.