Walking is a great way to keep in shape, get outdoors, and even save on gas. Unfortunately, without the right shoes, even a short distance journey can turn into a pretty unpleasant experience for your feet (which can actually end up affecting your whole body, too). If you do a lot of walking, or if you plan to start, then spend some time finding a good pair of walking shoes. You want a pair that will feel as good to wear as they look so you can get around by using your own two feet as much as you'd like without getting slowed down by shoes that have you not looking or feeling your best.

Choose the Right Size

This may seem like an obvious one, but many people are not actually aware of their true shoe size. Although most stores will have measuring tools available, those tools only measure your foot in two dimensions, which means that certain measurements are left unaccounted for. Make sure that when you are trying on walking shoes, you are wearing the socks you would wear when walking and standing up, so you can feel not just the length and width but also how tight they feel around your whole feet. Another issue to bear in mind is that most people have one foot that is very slightly larger than the other, but in some individuals the size difference can be noticeable in how each shoe feels. Remember to consider whether a discrepancy in size might be the cause for one side to feel less comfortable than the other.


It's a huge plus when your comfortable shoes do not look like they were designed solely for comfort. Sometimes you want to look nicer when youre trekking around, so a pair that can double as stylish and easy on your body is ideal. For this one you are going to have to consider your own personal style and what clothing you wear most often, but for most people a very simple shoe will work best.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotic inserts can slip into shoes that you love the look of, but which would not offer enough support for you otherwise. Be sure to take the time to get custom orthotics from a company that will take the time to screen each foot individually in both walking and standing positions to see your unique pattern of weight distribution. A custom set like these can have you walking in style and pain-free, so you can focus on what you really want to.