Health threatening elements harvest all around us. It's not possible to avoid them all the time. Health problems through food contamination is a common phenomenon. Sometimes you get exposed to them unintentionally, and sometimes you make a mistake knowingly. So it's up to you whether you want to be safe by increasing awareness or just want to take risks. Today we're here to share a new topic about food safety. Do you know sometimes a green salad can also be very risky for your health. What? You can get sick from eating green salad? Is that true? Yes, you heard it right. Your favorite green salad can also be a potential threat to your health.

So how that all can happen? Survey results say that most common food illness comes from green sources. A recent study says that leafy vegetables can be a source of food contamination. If any of the leafy vegetables used in the salad is contaminated, you will not recognize that through smell or its appearance. To be very precise, contaminated green vegetables are not identical at all. That's why, the risk is always high.

One reason why the green salads can be reason for food contamination is that vegetable growers are dependent on harsh pesticides. The man made pesticides are spread on the plant or vegetables to protect the crop from insects. Unfortunately, an unsuccessful use of pesticide can spoil the quality of soil and the foods, too. Further, if you do not wash the green leaves thoroughly before making a salad, you are getting exposed to pesticides directly. You're eating the chemicals that are known to create a toxic effect in the human body.

That's why we say it's always good to increase awareness. Wash the green leaves with water multiple times. Then only use them for the salads. Bacteria develop in a few green vegetables very quickly. So there is no way you should take any chance with your health. Green salads are good for health only when you know they come from a good source and they are clean. Foods grown in an improper way can be a reason for food poisoning. When you're sure that you're buying vegetables or other food products from a right source, make some extra efforts to for safe preservation.

Foods preserved in an inorganic temperature can trigger bacterium growth. So be careful and try to learn the ideal food preservation methods to keep the ill effects of food poisoning away.