Several factors must be considered before you can determine your exact bunion surgery cost. First things first: there are different types of Bunion Surgeries and the costs very vary with each type. Basically, the type of surgeries that are done on a local clinic and only involve simple surgical procedures may be less costly compared to a bunion surgical procedure done by prestigious specialists involving highly complex surgical methods.

You have to consider that your bunion surgery cost also depends on the degree of your toe deformity. Severe misalignment may require the skills of an expert foot surgeon and frankly, most of them do not charge low.

The costs of any surgeries, including surgery for bunion, are mostly dependent on particular country, state, and medical center. There are some hospitals, clinics, and surgeons giving discounts for some surgeries and it may be wise to personally inquire for these special deals and offers before you go through this type of foot surgery or any surgeries for that matter.

An average bunion surgery cost ranges from $ 3,500 to $ 5,000 and may change depending on the credits of your surgeon and anesthesiologist. You may find surgeons charging you lower than average but the thing is, not all of the “cheap” operations may end up agreeably. This is one reason why you must never let the cost be the primary reason you're choosing a surgeon.

One of the major complications that would render your surgery useless is the recurrence of the bunion. This may be a reason for you to be scheduled for another surgery and then, obviously, this is not something one could call 'cost-effective'. Although the temptation to go for something much cheaper is irresistible, you may want to think and ponder your decisions thoroughly.

Medical Insurance for Bunion Surgery Cost

Your insurance may cover almost all costs of the surgery and you may only be required to pay the deductibles. However, not every insurance company can give you the most coverage so always ask for a quote from your medical insurance company on what they cover and how much percent of the over-all bill are they covering. For many bunion operations, insurance companies may cover 50-90% of your medical bill.

If you decide to have a cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of your toe, you must be aware that most insurance companies do not include cosmetic surgeries on their scope of coverage. Cost for cosmetic surgeries may be substantially higher than any other surgeries and will also depend on the extent of deformity the cosmetic surgeon must correct.

To avoid future disputes about your bunion surgery cost, make all necessary research about the expected hospital bills, discounts and insurance coverage before engaging into any surgical procedures.