Any kind of discomfort in any part of the body is really a matter of concern. So even a minor discomfort in the foot can really make you feel uncomfortable. Your leg is one of the most important part of the body, since it helps in movement. The human foot and ankle plays a vital role in our daily lives. If one of them creates any kind of troubles then you really have to be careful about it and take proper care.

But most often it happens that we do not take care of our foot, though that is one of the most vital parts of the body. Trauma, infection, skin disease and even simply bearing weight on the feet can cause changes to the skin of the feet including the toes and the heel. There are different kinds of foot diseases and even corns and calluses are an area of ​​thickened skin caused by fiction and pressure. An average person's feet when walking will only spend six tenths of a second in contact with the ground.

When you grow old there are chances that your feet will suffer the most due to age old problems. Certain diseases like osteoporosis occurs in the leg which makes the leg really weak and you suffer from pain.There are several ways in which you can cure the foot disease like the bio mechanical examination which is a critical part of the assessment for functional foot orthotics. Muscle strength, range of motion at important joints and the angular relationships of the segments of the joints and legs.

So it is very essential for you to do some physical exercise that will help in the flexible movement of the body. The information gained from bio mechanical assessment forms the basis for a rehabilitation program or if the problem is mechanical -an orthotic prescription.

If the condition is caused by the mechanical balance of a joint then podiatrist may advice for some medicines. Orhotics are devices designed to improve the ways in which the joints are aligned. The bone loss is associated with revision surgery or pathology has been the impetus for developing modular revision total hip prostheses.

The aim of Biomechanical Assessment is to relieve from the pain and restore the proper hip function. Bone grapes may also be used to augment the bone during revision. A challenge faced by surgeons in revision arthroplasty is the appropriate fixation of the new implant because of the loss of the femoral bone stock caused due to initial trauma, or it may be due to the primary hip implant surgery or may be pathology.

If you feel a sudden pain in your feet then you just do not neglect it. You have to access it yourself that whether you are suffering from any kind of mental stress or strain. The feet is one of the most important part of the body and it is our duty to take proper care of the area as it takes the extreme pain and pressure of the entire body.