Foot pain! Is there anything worse? I am certain the answer is “yes” but in that moment that your dogs are barking it is almost impossible to think of anything else. Many people are quick to dismiss foot pain as just every day discomfort. This is not wise. Slight foot pain could be a first sign of something far worse like diabetes. It could also, simply be a problem that needs specific attention. Medical science, lucky for us, has come up with lots of ways of diagnosing and treating a wide variety of specific foot pains.

Orthopedic care is nothing to laugh at or take lightly. An ignored foot problem can turn ugly very quickly. Just this past weekend my uncle, who is a diabetic and had an unattended toe injury from kicking a radiator months ago, lost most of his big toe. It is a depressing thing to consider and I am personally offended by his lack of caring for his feet. Earning a proper living with limited use of one's feet can become a tall order. But I'm not here to scare you. There are so many options for people with foot problems. Every one of them a lot more pleasant than having a toe removed.

Lynco Orthotics are a great example of the simple and effective advances in foot care that are available. This shoe inserts are designed to redistribute weight around the shoe allowing the foot to function without specific and often intensely painful force being applied to one part of the foot disproportively. If you are overweight and it is beginning to cause you foot pain this may be a great place to start attending to those problems.

Orthotic sandals are also very helpful in proper foot care and probably a smart purchase as the summer and inevitably the beach move closer. If you are experiencing pain from poor lower limit alignment a good pair of orthotic sandals can address that problem while offering your foot plenty of time to breathe.

Sometimes foot pain can come for the most unhealthy reasons. For much of my youth I wore shoes and sneakers which I did not realize were causing me problems that would ever haunt me. It was not that I had “bad feet” they just happened to be too wide for most of my shoes. Some wide sized orthopedic shoes fixed that problem and now I am walking comfortably and happily. The shoes also provide a much needed boost in support. It is like I'm walking on a cloud made of science!

I am just scratching the surface here. I have not gotten into different brands of inserts like Spenco Insoles. I have not touched on what plantars fasciitis shoes could do for you. I am mostly trying to establish one thought in your head: There is no reason to live with foot pain and general foot discomfort. It is dangerous to ignore what our bodies tell us. Pain is our body trying to let us know something needs to be attended to. It is up to us to make sure our foot problems do not get out of hand. It would be a shame to lose a toe over something a simple pair of orthopedic shoes could have fixed.