Wearing footwear that does not fit properly can create many issues for the condition of your feet. These can include corns, calluses, blisters, bunions and general pain or swapping of the foot and ankle. This shows how important it is to get the right size shoe for your feet. A proper fit will lead to a reduction in foot complaints and a greater confidence in buying your footwear.

Measuring your own feet is quick and simple to do, but you need to know how to do it properly and with precision. Not many people realize that shoe width is just as important as shoe length, which is what most focus on solely. Wide fitting shoes can be trendy too, so you should not worry about not finding the right footwear, regardless of the width.

For women, you can even measure your calves for long boots. This will ensure you do not have ill fitting boots that make your calves feel too pressed. This is important for getting the right footwear and to really show off your legs.

Finding your perfect shoe size is crucial for us all to experience a more stress and pain-free existence. A huge proportion of us go through life, putting up with poorly fitted shoes, applying plasters of all varieties on our feet to counter rubbing and blisters. This should never happen and so the right fit is needed.

To find the perfect fit yourself, you will need a measuring tape. The width of your feet is equally as important as the length and definitely less known to yourself, so start with the width measurement. Step on the measuring tape and then, at the widest part of your feet, feed the tape around. Always use the widest measurement if one of your feet is wider than the other. Note down the measurement in millimeters and then follow a professional fitting chart, which is freely available online. The length and width of your feet are both then taken to give you a much truer overall measurement.

The length of your feet is measured by putting a foot against a solid wall and then using a tape to measure from the back of the heel to the tip of the largest toe. Again, the measure should be noted in millimeters. For an easier result, you can acquire foot length charts that help you easily observe the measurement.

Once you are armed with your correct measurements you can be confident that you will never again have to suffer the often very serious pain caused by ill fitting footwear.