It is not just boys that can suffer from smelly trainers. However, the trainers boys possess tend to be worn more regularly which often leads to a more acute issue. Not only are smelly trainers unsuitable to the nose, they can lead to foot health issues such as fungal infections. There are some great solutions to this problem so having a son of my own and being a footwear technologist I decided to put together this might be wondering how to tackle the problem.

Causes of Smelly Feet

Bromhidrosis is a condition that is characterized by excessive sweating causing body odor, usually under your arms or on your feet. Smelly feet are caused by excessively sweaty feet that over time create a decomposed bacterium that comes from poor foot hygiene and inadequately absorbent socks and footwear. The more frequent trainers are worn without allowing them to be cleaned and dry out the more the bacteria from sweat multiplies and the smellier the trainers become. If feet are left in this damp environment, over time fungal infections can occur such as Athletes Foot.

Why Boys Trainers Are Particularly Smelly!

Boy's trainers by their very nature are made to support the feet during exercise. They are therefore fully enclosed and fastened by either laces or Velcro to ensure that they are supporting the foot correctly. They offer support to your feet, ankles and the soles of your feet including good arch support. They are in fact very good for your feet. The problem comes with the exercise that your children do in them! With over 250,000 sweat glands, the average foot on a normal day produces a complete egg-cup worth of sweat! Just imagine soaking that amount of sweat into a small pair of boys trainers and you begin to understand how smelly feet can arise.

Do not get me wrong, sweating is completely normal and if sweat glands did not produce copyy amounts of sweat then you could have another health issue. The problem is that boys trainers are so supportive and enclosed that the sweat struggles to find an escape route. If you are having problems with smelly feet and footwear then the list below provides some tips to help you deal with the problem.

7 Tips for Avoiding Smelly Feet

1. Prevention – the best way to avoid smelly feet is to keep your feet very clean and dry. This should be done with the aid of an anti-bacterial soap and one of the many foot powders or sprays on the market to help keep your feet dry.

2. Allowed your feet to breathe – Buy trainers with a breathable lining. This is often a perforated leather lining to allow transpiration. It could also be textile linings. Gortex membranes also help draw moisture away from the foot.

3. Removable insoles – It's possible to buy trainers and shoes for that matter with removable insoles. This allows you to remove them and wash them to remove the sweat bacteria so helping to prevent the smell and also to keep your child's feet clean and healthy.

4. Anti-bacterial linings – Merrell trainers have a removable EVA foam footbed with Aegis® antimicrobial solution to kill off the offensive bacteria. Most of their trainers also have a breathable mesh lining to allow the sweat to evaporate out of the trainer boys.

5. Do not over use your trainers – Try and avoid using the same pair of trainers on consecutive days. Trainers heavily soaked in sweat need time to dry out completely which can take up to 24 hours. This may require your children to have two pairs of trainers but it is worth it as each pair will last twice as long and be far healthier.

6. Machine Washable – A lot of trainers can be put in the washing machine on a 40 Degrees Centigrade wash. Make sure you put a few towels in with them or they can destroy the balance of your washing machine!

7. Socks – 100% cotton is much better for absorption than those with Nylon content which tend to hold the sweat next to the skin.

So, if the trainers boys or girls in your family are starting to become a bit stale please follow these 7 tips and hopefully you can dramatically improve your children's foot health.